Friday, June 24, 2011

A new twist on an old fairytale

Earlier today my children invited me to come watch a play of sorts that they were putting on. Instead of acting it out themselves they dressed up their stuffed animals and let them be the stars. Todays play was Rapunzel. Now as I'm sure you all are quite aware in pretty much every fairytale there is always a bit of romance. My children cannot stand anything mushy. At all. They scream "EWW GROSS!" anytime they see someone kiss. It doesn't matter if it's on television or in real life, they just can't stand it. So I found it a bit funny that they chose to act out a fairytale. Until they reached the end of the play that is. Once the 'prince' rescued Rapunzel instead of giving him a big kiss she turned to him and said, "Thanks for rescuing me, but you know I'm not going to marry you right?" To which the prince (by the way the prince was played by Willy the webkinz whale and the princess was played by Ginger the American Girl cat) responded "Heck no. I didn't want to marry you anyway." Then the narrator (Kylie) ended the play with "And they lived happily ever after. By themselves. The end." I love my little cynics.


Leslie said...

That is awesome! I love it ;)

Lee-Ann said...

LOL Super cute!