Monday, February 28, 2011

So we're a little lazy

I love my husband dearly, but there is one thing that he does that drives me completely insane. He procrastinates. A lot. Even the children tease him about it. If he says that he is going to do something they know that he'll do it, but that it may take a very long time before it gets done. In his defense I have to admit that he does get it honestly. I remember when we first got married his parents were talking about having some work done on their house. They said they were having some repairs done from 'the hurricane'. I looked at my husband and asked him what hurricane and he named some obscure, little hurricane that had blown through 3 years prior. Okay...... Had they been waiting on insurance money before getting started? Nope. Were they waiting to find the right person to do the job? Nope. Were they waiting for a break in their busy schedule (snort)? Nope. They just didn't see the urgency in the situation. Their son I have found, is the same way. I on the other hand am very impatient and when I decide I want something done, I want it done right now. Or so I thought. It has occurred to me recently that procrastination may in fact be contagious. I've noticed lately that I'm getting pretty bad about putting some things off myself. This has really been an upsetting revelation for me so I've decided to do something about some of the things I've been putting off and naturally thought I would share so here goes.
  • Anyone remember this post about texting? I had firmly dug my heels in on this one. Even though I swore almost a year ago that I was going to at least try it I didn't. Until recently. I texted my husband, it took me forever but I did it. Yeah, I still don't see the big deal about it, but hey at least I can say I crossed something off my list. 
  • And what about this one? Well I am proud to say I finally got my hair cut. I know I only wrote that post like two weeks ago, but it had been a year  since my last haircut. Shameful isn't it? 
  • And I know you guys have heard me whine and whine about my ghetto camera. I apparently broke some little something when I dropped it and the battery/memory card compartment wouldn't stay closed. I just put a piece of tape on it and hoped no one would notice when I was taking pictures. Classy right? My husband has been telling me forever to order another one, but I kept putting it off. Why? I dunno. It's not like it's a fancy shmancy one or anything, I just kept putting it off. Well I'm happy to say that I finally went on Amazon and ordered a new one last week. I cannot believe I waited so long to order!
  • And ebay. Gah! I hate ebay. I have had a box big enough to put my entire family in sitting in the middle of my room for weeks  full of things I need to list on ebay. Saturday I finally forced myself to start listing things. Granted I didn't get it all done (I stopped at auction 50 because my kids were complaining that they needed someone to feed them or some such silliness), but it's a start. 
So there you have it, hope for my fellow procrastinators. Now if you'll excuse me I have a messy house to clean. After I take my nap.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Mommy Day!

I don't really know how it all got started, but a few years ago my kids started this "thing" about having their own day. Basically if I took one of them and did something with just the two of us it was their day. For example in December Kylie and I went to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader, went to lunch at her favorite restaurant and then did a little shopping so that was "Kylie's day"  The kids and I love doing this for obvious reasons. With three children it's hard to squeeze in one on one time. Sure I make a point of spending time with each one of them each night before bed talking about things, but nine times out of ten one of the other two will come into the room with some sort of need or want. With my husbands weird work schedule it's kind of hard planning these special outings but in a way I think that's what makes them so special, the fact that they aren't an everyday occurrence and you never know when one will pop up. Well today my dear friends I have been informed that it is "Mommy's day". Yes, that was literally the first thing out of Sophie's mouth when she woke up this morning. I have no idea what we're going to do, but I'm hoping it involves shopping. I have to say I'm a slight bit leery because she did mention something about McDonald's for lunch which kind of makes me think that she's planning on making this more of a "Sophie day". Guess I'll take what I can get.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend recap

Good Monday morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Here's a peek into how mine went.
  • Friday started off in an insane way. Musical beds started around 3:20 with Kylie climbing into my bed. Since she took over my bed I decided to sleep in hers. I was half asleep and kept hearing sirens. When I went into her room I saw some orange light coming in through her blinds. I rushed to the front door and saw that a house across the street was on fire. Going back to sleep was not an option after that. I was too freaked out and the noise of the emergency vehicles pretty noisy as well. My family on the other hand had no problem sleeping.
By the way no one was hurt. The house was empty as it was for sale.

  • Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day here. We took the kids to the toystore, then went to lunch and after that it was off to the park. 

  • Sunday was kind of fun too. I actually was able to do a little shopping by myself for myself. That my friends, never happens. And yes I did buy another purse for the collection.
  • My husband started a little project for the girls. Unfortunately he didn't finish it. I suppose it's my fault since I was not here to nag gently coax him along. Hoping to have it done soon so I can share it with all of you. 
  • More school projects. Blech. Do they never end? 
  • And more allergies. While the kids had fun playing outside this weekend they are definitely paying for it now. Kylie, not so much, but Audrey and Sophie sound horrible.
That's pretty much it. Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thanks a lot Phil!

I know that those of you in the snow covered parts of the U.S are probably wanting spring to hurry up, but this:
Thu Feb 17 icon Partly Cloudy 73°F 52°F 0%
Fri Feb 18 icon Partly Cloudy 76°F 51°F 20%
Sat Feb 19 icon Partly Cloudy 77°F 50°F 10%
Sun Feb 20 icon Sunny 73°F 54°F 10%
Mon Feb 21 icon Partly Cloudy 75°F 55°F 10%
Tue Feb 22 icon Partly Cloudy 77°F 48°F 20%
Wed Feb 23 icon Sunny 73°F 45°F 0%

is just ridiculous.  I mean, I love springtime just as much as the next person, but we never really got any winter this year. My kids still have long sleeve clothes with the tags hanging on them that they never got to wear. I still have boxes of hot cocoa in my pantry that aren't opened. Hot soup? Never had a chance to make any this year. All because of this guy.
Hope you're really happy Phil. Now I've got to make a trip to Target to load up on the Claritin.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Silly is....

Receiving a ginormous box in the mail like this:
 Full of packing material like this:
And to find that all is in that big ol' box under all the stuff is this:
That's right. A pillow. Because you know if you don't wrap those things up well enough they might break before they arrive to their destination. I think probably the only thing sillier than that would be this:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little good news

Last week Sophie and I traveled to Texas to meet with her plastic surgeon. It's been about four years since we've seen him (we meet with another doctor on an annual basis to check for changes, etc.) so I was a little nervous. All I could think about was the last visit and how he said that he would probably want to do another operation to rework her skin graft before she begins school. She starts school this fall by the way. I've tried talking to Sophie to prepare her just in case and she just smiles and says "okay" which of course leads me to believe she doesn't understand a word that I'm talking about. Luckily surgery is something I'm not going to have to deal with for a little while. The doctor asked me how she was dealing with her graft and I told him that it's pretty much been a non-issue for her. She got it when she was three months old so it's all she's known. Unless she begins school and is teased about it and starts developing self esteem issues then we are going to wait about four or five years before doing anything. This is such a weight off my shoulders. Yes, I realize it's not a major surgery but I'm still happy not to have to worry about it for awhile. 
Now as far as the trip itself I have to say my child was fantastic. I just knew that I would hear "how much longer?" and  "Are we there yet?" constantly but that oddly enough wasn't the case. Even though I was about to die of boredom she seemed to look at it as a great adventure and talked my ears off. She thought the bumpy interstate through Louisiana and Texas were hilarious. And apparently she overheard me express my fear of bedbugs in the hotel because she teased me all night and kept saying "Oh, mommy I think I see a bug!" There were none (trust me I checked) but the power of suggestion had me itching all night. Luckily it looks like we've got awhile before I have to start worrying about any of this again.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!
I wish all of you a wonderful day full of love and happiness.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trying to get my craft on

And as usual it didn't go so well. I bought the girls an ironing board and iron to go in their playhouse. Since they have never seen an actual ironing board or iron they thought it was awesome (little do they know right?). Audrey suggested that we make a clothesline to hang the doll clothes on while they were "waiting to be ironed" so naturally I obliged. I ran to Hobby Lobby and bought the supplies:
 Yes, that's right we bought frogs. Doesn't everyone use frogs to make clotheslines? Well okay truth be told I was hoping for something a little cuter like teapots, but couldn't find any. Sophie told me these reminded her of her beloved Hattie frog so we went with frogs. After cutting some string and hot gluing it to the back of the frogs I added some adhesive backing.
 Now pay close attention to this next part because you'll soon see where I screwed up. I then stuck them on the playhouse walls and added the clothespins and called it a day.
 See where I messed up? I didn't take into account the weight of the clothes and left too much slack in the line so now it's kind of droopy. Regardless the kids seem to like it so it's staying. Total cost was less than $10.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And the award goes to...........

Yes, I know it's a horrible picture, but it was the best I could do.
Last night Kylie received a medal and certificate for her literature entry into the countywide "Reflections" contest.  We live along the gulf coast so she wrote her paper on taking care of our beaches.
This is as close to a smile as it was going to get.
Unfortunately my eldest tends to get anxiety induced migraines. Not fun at all. She did pretty well though considering how bad she felt, but as you can tell that meant no smiling pictures. Ehh, I'll take what I can get. I'm so proud of my girl!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Time to call the beauty shop!

Signs that you might need a haircut:
  1. Instead of telling your children to keep their hair out of their dinner they are telling you to keep your hair out of yours.
  2. You go to close the car door and have to reopen it because once again your hair got stuck in it.
  3. You have to cut huge hunk of hair because it got caught in the hair dryers fan. 
  4. Your go to hairstyle involves a ponytail holder.
  5.  You are getting dangerously close to 40 and your hair is about two inches below your bra strap.
Yes my friends it would appear that Mommy is long overdue for a haircut. I don't know why, but for some reason I am horrible about getting my hair done. I always seems to have some excuse; no one to watch the kids, no time, no money, don't know what I want or I'm just too lazy. Am I the only one that does this? If one of the girls needed to have their haircut I would be right on it, but for some reason I just have a hard time doing the same thing for myself. It's not like I have a thing for long hair (neither does my husband for that matter), but I just hate taking the time to go to the hairstylist. Not sure why either because they are always super nice where I go and I always feel so much better when I leave. Now if I can only decide what I want to get done maybe I'll make an appointment for this week. Actually this weeks not looking too good for me, maybe next week..........

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crawling out from under my rock

As some of you may have noticed I've been kind of slacking with my blog lately. Between ear infections, colds, playing single mom, dealing with issues with my mother (not going near that subject!) and stressing over mine and Sophie's upcoming trip I've just been kind of blah lately. Luckily the kids are doing much better and my husband finally had an actual day off work this week. I feel like a new woman. Well almost. I'm still stressed over the trip with Sophie and like an idiot I thought yesterday would be a good day to get the girls spring/summer clothes out to get ready to sell. I'm now overwhelmed and drowning in clothes. My blog title kind of makes sense now doesn't it? Gah! Anyway, I'm hoping to get back into the swing things and catch up on not only posting more but reading some of my favorite blogs:) 
On the bright side the kids are all doing much better, my husband has the whole weekend off (that NEVER, EVER happens!), Duke plays tonight and Sophie managed to sweet talk her daddy into what looks like another fun little project. I'm not sure if he'll be starting it tomorrow since we somehow ended up with four kids this weekend, but if he does I'll definitely post some pics soon.  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!