Monday, February 7, 2011

Time to call the beauty shop!

Signs that you might need a haircut:
  1. Instead of telling your children to keep their hair out of their dinner they are telling you to keep your hair out of yours.
  2. You go to close the car door and have to reopen it because once again your hair got stuck in it.
  3. You have to cut huge hunk of hair because it got caught in the hair dryers fan. 
  4. Your go to hairstyle involves a ponytail holder.
  5.  You are getting dangerously close to 40 and your hair is about two inches below your bra strap.
Yes my friends it would appear that Mommy is long overdue for a haircut. I don't know why, but for some reason I am horrible about getting my hair done. I always seems to have some excuse; no one to watch the kids, no time, no money, don't know what I want or I'm just too lazy. Am I the only one that does this? If one of the girls needed to have their haircut I would be right on it, but for some reason I just have a hard time doing the same thing for myself. It's not like I have a thing for long hair (neither does my husband for that matter), but I just hate taking the time to go to the hairstylist. Not sure why either because they are always super nice where I go and I always feel so much better when I leave. Now if I can only decide what I want to get done maybe I'll make an appointment for this week. Actually this weeks not looking too good for me, maybe next week..........


The Planet Pink said...

I have so done #3. Not a happy day in my house. LOL

I'm the same way. But I do love a fresh look, so I try to treat myself a couple times a year. I'm itching to get my hair chopped and colored, but am trying to hold off until Spring. I know once the weather starts to warm up and I start breaking out shorts and tees I'm going to want a new look!

Leslie said...

I am the same way. I cut mine short last year to make myself have to go in more often and not just put it back in a ponytail. Can't wait to see your new 'do.