Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little good news

Last week Sophie and I traveled to Texas to meet with her plastic surgeon. It's been about four years since we've seen him (we meet with another doctor on an annual basis to check for changes, etc.) so I was a little nervous. All I could think about was the last visit and how he said that he would probably want to do another operation to rework her skin graft before she begins school. She starts school this fall by the way. I've tried talking to Sophie to prepare her just in case and she just smiles and says "okay" which of course leads me to believe she doesn't understand a word that I'm talking about. Luckily surgery is something I'm not going to have to deal with for a little while. The doctor asked me how she was dealing with her graft and I told him that it's pretty much been a non-issue for her. She got it when she was three months old so it's all she's known. Unless she begins school and is teased about it and starts developing self esteem issues then we are going to wait about four or five years before doing anything. This is such a weight off my shoulders. Yes, I realize it's not a major surgery but I'm still happy not to have to worry about it for awhile. 
Now as far as the trip itself I have to say my child was fantastic. I just knew that I would hear "how much longer?" and  "Are we there yet?" constantly but that oddly enough wasn't the case. Even though I was about to die of boredom she seemed to look at it as a great adventure and talked my ears off. She thought the bumpy interstate through Louisiana and Texas were hilarious. And apparently she overheard me express my fear of bedbugs in the hotel because she teased me all night and kept saying "Oh, mommy I think I see a bug!" There were none (trust me I checked) but the power of suggestion had me itching all night. Luckily it looks like we've got awhile before I have to start worrying about any of this again.

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greygillfish said...

That is great news!

The bed bug epidemic freaks me out too! If GiGi had teased me like that, I would have been up all night!

You could have come North a iittle ways to pay us a visit. How Rude! HA!