Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trying to get my craft on

And as usual it didn't go so well. I bought the girls an ironing board and iron to go in their playhouse. Since they have never seen an actual ironing board or iron they thought it was awesome (little do they know right?). Audrey suggested that we make a clothesline to hang the doll clothes on while they were "waiting to be ironed" so naturally I obliged. I ran to Hobby Lobby and bought the supplies:
 Yes, that's right we bought frogs. Doesn't everyone use frogs to make clotheslines? Well okay truth be told I was hoping for something a little cuter like teapots, but couldn't find any. Sophie told me these reminded her of her beloved Hattie frog so we went with frogs. After cutting some string and hot gluing it to the back of the frogs I added some adhesive backing.
 Now pay close attention to this next part because you'll soon see where I screwed up. I then stuck them on the playhouse walls and added the clothespins and called it a day.
 See where I messed up? I didn't take into account the weight of the clothes and left too much slack in the line so now it's kind of droopy. Regardless the kids seem to like it so it's staying. Total cost was less than $10.


The Planet Pink said...

It's still super cute! You could use that idea to hang artwork too!

Amanda M. said...

We did this in my sons room before we redecorated it. Minus the frogs and cute clothes... it went around 3 of his walls and was used for his artwork just like "The Planet Pink" said! Super cute idea! said...

great idea! i've been toying with the idea for hanging my boys art on the wall- no girls around for the cute little play house idea- my boys have a "fort" they built out of the fake wood stuff and they go in there and pretend to shoot stuff out the window holes- nice, i know!