Saturday, July 31, 2010

Facebook-The good, the bad, and the ugly duckface

Aah facebook, we have such a love/hate relationship. 

I admit that when I first signed up for facebook I thought it was the most awesome thing since, well myspace. Now? Not so much. You see while I really enjoy keeping up with my friends and reconnecting with old classmates I'm starting to realize that there is a reason I have not kept in contact with some of these people over the years. So if you would please allow me to get a few things off my chest.... 
  • The profile picture. I'll admit mine is horrible. I haven't updated it in forever, but c'mon people. This whole pouty/duckface thing? Hate it. Don't know what I'm talking about? 
 In case you didn't know you look stupid. Oh and if you don't wax, it really showcases your mustache. Just sayin'. Other pics that make me cringe would be the nothing but boobs and the tongue sticking out.
  • The games. Obviously many enjoy them and that's cool. I just would rather not receive notices every. single. time. you. play. Especially if that is all that you do all day as many of my friends do apparently.
  • The status updates. Quotes are not status updates. They may be meaningful, but there is a place under the info section just for your favorite quotes. The vague status updates? Annoying. I.e "I am so mad and hurt right now. I can't even begin to explain" Then no update on what's going on. Btw, yes that is a real update from a guy on my friends list. And of course the TMI updates. I really don't need to know when your period starts. I also would rather not find out that your wife/husband has been cheating on you via facebook status updates. I'm sure that your teenage kids that are on your friends list would rather you keep these things to yourself also.
  • The drama queens. Wait a minute I actually kind of like these. They can be really amusing and tend to make my own life look really good in my eyes. Carry on please.
I'm sure some of you are thinking I sound like the old lady yelling at the kids to keep off her lawn and I should just deactivate my page. I do and I have. Multiple times. The problem with that is that some people think that I'm getting rid of them as friends and get their feelings hurt. Also, it's just so much easier to keep in touch with some people this way. Surely I'm not the only one out there that feels this way???

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Big day today!

Today is registration day at school. After I fork over a stupid amount of money for fees, stand in line for an hour to give proof of residence, fill out a billion and one forms and find a dolly to help unload all the school supplies we have to bring, we will find out which class they've been assigned to. Wow, was that a run on sentence or what?! The girls are excited and I am too, but I'm also a little nervous. Last year they both not only had incredible teachers, but their classmates were wonderful too. I'm kind of worried that since last year was so great that this year will end up being kind of a let down. It's silly I know because they go to a wonderful school and I have never heard anything negative about any of the classes, but I guess as a mom I just want the absolute best for my kids. 
I still can't believe that in just a little over a week they'll be back in school again! This summer seems to have flown by so quickly. I'm ready for us to get back into a routine, but at the same time I am really going to miss them when they are gone. Sophie has already told me that she is "going to be so lonely" when her sisters are at school.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A cupcake kind of day

Yesterday was one of those long, lazy summer days where the girls and I did not want to go anywhere or do anything. After sitting around staring at each other forever we decided we needed to do some baking. So we did.
 By the way did you know that if you wait and add the eggs after you have mixed everything else it will make your baked goods extra light and fluffy? Works wonders. Of course having a fairy help with the mixing doesn't hurt either.
 By the way, please don't laugh at my ugly kitchen. I know it's pretty bad. 
Kylie has been watching some show on the food network about being the next food network star and I guess it has inspired her. She wanted to try her hand at decorating.
I think the people at food network can rest easy, she gave up after frosting one cupcake.
They were really, really good though. I think I may need to take up jogging.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Operation preschool

Today marked the beginning of Sophie's preschool education.  Because I am cheap have taught 4K in the past and have all the curriculum already I just teach the kids at home rather than send them to preschool.
I decided to start this week because Audrey and Kylie will start back to school in two weeks. I'm *hoping* that having them around will encourage her some.  She already has her shapes and colors down pat, but numbers and letters? Not so much. I'm just hoping to get the basics in before she starts kindergarten next year. I have a feeling I may have a head full of gray hair before all is said and done.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Childcare at it's best

This is how my child takes care of her baby:
 When I asked her what she was doing she said that she was keeping her baby safe because she is a good mommy. I'm guessing that she is remembering the time I tried to use one of those baby leashes on her?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The man cave

Recently I have been hearing the term man cave tossed about. A lot. Anytime I turn on HGTV I can almost guarantee that one of the shows that I'm watching will at least mention the term if not devote an entire episode to it. For me the entire concept of having a man cave just irritates me beyond belief. Most likely my feelings are colored by the fact that my husband works crazy hours and is rarely home. If he were to tell me that he wanted a man cave to hide out in during the little time he was home then I can assure you that words like alimony and child support would soon start popping up. 
That being said, I've been wondering if the tables were turned and I were able to have a 'woman cave' what would I want in it. So I've made a handy little list.
  • Definitely a better name for the room. Seriously guys, man cave? 
  • Sound proof walls. Not so much to block the sound of my children, but to block out the constant questions of "Hey honey, how do I.....?" "Honey, am I supposed to.....?" "Do you think the kids need....?"
  • Slimming mirrors. Might as well get a bit of an ego boost while I'm hiding out spending some relaxing time on my own.
  • A secret delivery door. For two reasons. One so that when I order lunch (because I'm definitely not cooking in there!) I can easily get to it. Two so that when the UPS man comes I don't have to hear, "What did you order now?" ever again.
  • Chocolate fountain. For obvious reasons. 
  • A fancy shmancy big tub just for me. Meaning I can actually take a bubble bath with no kids crawling in with me.
I think that's pretty much it for  me. So what would you include in your cave if given a chance to have one?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The best photo session ever!

Today I had a great idea. I thought, 'hey, my husband is home so we can take the girls to the park and let them feed the ducks and I can take a few pictures.' 

Sounds good in theory right? Let me tell you why it was not a good idea. 
  • I have a ghetto camera. Apparently a few weeks ago I dropped my camera and broke the teeny, tiny piece that holds the battery compartment closed. So now I have to use a piece of tape to keep it from popping open. Guess what happened today? If you guessed that the tape didn't hold and I had to keep my finger on the compartment the entire time so it wouldn't keep shutting off then you win.
  • It is too hot. I mean really hot. The temperature was 97 degrees and the humidity level was in the upper nineties as well. My kids don't cooperate for pictures under the best of conditions. Throw in a little heat and you can forget it.
  • Apparently when you throw pieces of bread not only will the ducks come to get it, but so will those freaky birds that you always see in the parking lots (no clue what they are actually called. ) Not only will they come after it, but they will chase your animal fearing four and six year old sending them screaming and crying and begging for mommy to take them home.
  • It is too hot. Yes, I know I already said it once, but really it bears repeating. 
So that being said, do you wanna see the pictures? They are truly awesome I must say. First we have Sophie taking a break under the gazebo. This is what happens when I say, "Look at mommy Sophie."
Or better yet, the 'sure I'll let you take my picture if you can catch me' child.

 Of course nothing beats the eyes closed pose. Well unless you throw in the lawnmower in the background. Classic.
I think maybe I'll frame these and give them to the grandparents for Christmas this year.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I wonder....

Why is it that even though we have this room
 and this room
 that nearly every morning my children end up in this one?
 Yes, musical beds is obviously still alive and well at our house.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I am in so much trouble!

I have a really bad habit. Whenever I'm sitting at my desk I will invariably pull a pen out of the cup next to my computer and twist my hair up and hold in place with the pen. Why do I do this instead of just grabbing a ponytail? I have no idea. A few days ago I ran into Target and when I got home I realized that I had my hair pulled up with a pen. Nice huh? I've been thinking that I really need to kick this habit soon or I'm going to end up getting ink on something. Yep, you guessed it. It happened and in a big way. I was in the kitchen and Audrey yelled, "Mom, someone wrote all over the couch with a pen!" Naturally the first thing I think is 'Sophie is going to be in so much trouble'. In the few seconds it took me to get from the kitchen to the living room it occurred to me that umm, it probably wasn't Sophie that did it. You see I have been having horrible insomnia all week long. I mean really bad and it finally caught up with me and I took a nap (heavenly!) today. On the couch. And this my friends is why I am in trouble. 
 By the way it is not in a spot that can be hidden by pillows. It is almost smack in the middle of the couch. I'm thinking I might not need to show my husband my pretty purses that came in the mail when he gets home.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why I'm the mean one

Back in the day when I was a little girl and dinosaurs still roamed the earth my mom was quite fond of using a certain threat for when my brothers and I misbehaved. It was the "WAIT UNTIL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME!" threat. Whatever we were doing we stopped immediately. See, whenever that threat was issued we knew that we had gone too far. We would sit quietly on the couch and wait for dad to get  home from work to see what our punishment would be. I think the waiting was probably far worse than the actual punishment was. 
Now that I have children of my own I'm finding things are a lot different. My husband leaves for work about the time the kids are waking up and during the school year (because our schedule is completely gone during summer)  at least two of the kids are asleep when he gets home. So you guessed it, that leaves me the not so coveted role of being the big meanie. I've even tried the 'wait till your father gets home' threat a few times and you know what I got in return? A blank stare, occasionally a snicker or two. I've been trying to make husband step up to the plate and discipline when he's home and usually it doesn't go so well and I end up having to take over. I've been assuming all along that it's because he isn't around much that the kids have a hard time taking him seriously. For years I have assumed this and apparently for years I have been wrong. For you see last night I discovered why the kids think I am the big meanie and dad is the good guy. Last night I sent husband into the living room where Sophie was happily camped out watching Noggin at a ridiculous hour to tell her to go to bed. He did tell her to turn off the television and go to bed, but then in a slightly quieter voice I heard him say, "hurry up before mom comes in here." Mystery solved. I'm thinking I might just have some plans for when he is off Sunday. Plans that involve me giving him a grocery list, three hungry, grumpy girls and sending him shopping. Without me. Muhahaha.....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Toys, toys, glorious toys!

I have always been one of those 'mean' moms when it comes to giving my children toys.  As a general rule I have always bought them toys just twice a year. Once for Christmas, once for birthdays. The problem with this is that one child has a birthday two days before Christmas and one has a birthday two weeks after Christmas so it tends to be somewhat overwhelming. Now, I have always been extremely lucky in that my children don't ask for toys that often. When I ask them what they want for Christmas or their birthday they usually just ask for one or two things. That may sound like a dream come true, but I love to buy them things and sometimes it tends to get a bit frustrating.  One thing I have noticed though is that I tend to go just a little overboard with buying for them and then they get overwhelmed. And I get frustrated because I feel as though they aren't giving that special gift I bought them the attention I feel it warrants. I know, I know, completely ridiculous, but what can I say?

Case in point, the Year of Felicity. If you have daughters I am sure you are well aware of the American Girl dolls and accessories.  When Kylie was in kindergarten she began reading the American Girl books and fell in love with Felicity. So that year husband and I decided to get her a Felicity doll for Christmas. I bought the doll months before Christmas and dreamed of the moment when Kylie opened that gift. I imagined the look of pure joy on her face. Yeah, that didn't happen. What did happen was she said thank you and set her aside. She probably did  not play with her until months later when I told her I was going to sell her on ebay (the doll, not the child). 
Recently I learned something about my kids and toys. I was out shopping at Ross (shocker, right?)  one day and ran across this little pastry shop. 
It was 9.99 and I thought it would go wonderfully with the playhouse in Audrey and Sophie's room. So I bought it with every intention of giving to them for Christmas. Instead for some crazy reason I thought 'why not give it to them now?' And that is just what I did. They were so excited and have played with it every single day for about two months now. I am kicking myself for all the years I have waited until an occasion came up to give them something. Especially in light of the fact that Kylie is slowly but surely moving away from toys  *sniff*. Since then I have bought them a few small things, doll clothes, puzzles, etc. and they have thoroughly enjoyed every single thing. Not only have they enjoyed them, but they have appreciated them. So I guess it just goes to show that you can teach an old dog (that would be me) new tricks.  
 By the way, Audrey wanted me to include this picture of her dollhouse. She spent forever getting it 'just so' and was very proud of it so here ya go:

Friday, July 9, 2010

TGIF baby!

Normally I don't get so excited about Fridays.  I am a sahm mom and husband ends up working so many weekends so it's usually like any other day for me. This Friday? Oh, yeah. This week has had it all. Deaths in the family, car trouble, unexpected bills, nasty weather, you name it and it's pretty much been done, lol. I am so looking forward to this weekend and I am only slightly embarrassed to say that I have rewarded myself nicely for making it through this week. Meet Mr. Kors:
 And his friend Mr. Haan:
 And if Ms. Spade isn't careful she may find herself joining in the party. I don't know who she thinks she is sending me emails about an extra 25% off sale items, she should be ashamed of herself! I hope each and every one of you have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I think we are done!

I think we are done with Kylie's room for now.  We are going to replace the carpeting with wood, but are going to wait a little while before doing it. Now before you look at the pictures some disclaimers, lol. First, I just have a really basic camera and the pictures look kind of umm, hazy I guess? Of course I'm sure they would look the same if I had a very good, fancy shmancy camera too since I'm not a photographer, but I think you can get the general feel of things. Second, the room is really small, 11x11 so there isn't a lot of room so it may look kind of crowded, but it works for us. Third, there are some things that I would still like to do, but for the most part (other than the flooring) they are nit picky. So here we go:
I'm going to buy a rug to go in front of the bed, but am waiting until we put the new flooring down. Kylie is intent on getting a round one, but we'll see. Just got the vinyl initial today. I wanted to get the larger size that was 22 inches, but Kylie wanted the smaller 12 inch one. She informed me that the other one would be far too big. It's kind of hard to see since it's white, but it has really pretty scalloped edges.
 By the way, how does the awning look? I was going to get husband to make it out of wood, but he said it would be too heavy. I went to hobby lobby in search of some foam board and they were having a sale on project boards. You know the things that fold in three sections that kids use in social studies and science fairs? I bought that, folded it into a triangle and covered it with fabric. We already had the window box, I picked up some potted plants from the dollar tree and added them. 
The pictures are 11x14. The frames have plastic, not glass so if they fall they won't break. To the right is our Eiffel tower vinyl. Kylie calls it the leaning tower of Eiffel. What can I say? The thing was taller than me and I had kind of a hard time getting it straight. 
We got rid of the of the useless armoire and I picked up the little table with the intentions of putting the television and dvd player on it. Her majesty wanted it on the dresser instead so there it is. The ooh la la letters came with the Eiffel tower so we put them above the mirror. I know you can't really see the lamp well, but I bought a shade and covered it with green and white damask fabric and trimmed the top and bottom of it with pink beads. It had a pull on it that had a moon and I cut it off and replaced it with a pink poodle one. 

 The mirror was on the closet door. I was going to buy a pretty one to go over the dresser, but thought I would try this out instead. I covered it with marabou boa because apparently I am a glutton for punishment and enjoy getting glue burns. 
 Desk and bookshelf. Nothing fancy. I bought the clock from someone, but it was black so I painted it to lighten it up some. 
 And Kylie sitting in her pretty pink chair. Please pretend you don't notice that she isn't wearing shoes. She nearly died when she saw this picture and said, "Mom, I hope you don't have a lot of people that look at your blog because I am barefoot and that is so embarrassing." Anyway, that is it for now. The paint is a lot lighter in actuality, almost an aqua color. It's called weather glass from the Eddie Bauer collection by Valspar. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

A memorable Independence day!

Yesterday morning something really special happened in our house.
My sweet little Audrey hit a milestone. Losing the first tooth. She has been worrying with this tooth for at least a month now and yesterday it finally fell out on it's own. She was so excited to finally lose a tooth and could not wait to put it under her pillow.
We just watched the Tooth Fairy movie a few weeks ago and I told her I wanted to stay up in case our tooth fairy looked like Duane Johnson. She said, "Mommy, what if the tooth fairy is like Santa and won't come if you're up?" So I had to go to bed and now will never know. Darn it. The tooth fairy did leave her some gold and fairy  dust under her pillow.
Don't you just love that early morning bed head?
And a letter of congratulations.
I think that she was probably more excited that the tooth fairy left her a letter than anything else. She said "Mom, guess what? The tooth fairy knows my name!" Now I just have to convince Sophie that no, she does not have a loose tooth and no, the tooth fairy won't be coming to see her for awhile still. Hopefully.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Preserving the memories

A few days ago I mentioned in one of my posts that I was working on uploading all of my videos and photos to a hosting site. I don't know about you guys, but I take a lot of pictures of my family. Not the good professional kind (although I really need to make an appointment and do that), but rather just everyday snapshots. They aren't even really good photos. I have a p&s camera and I'm not a good photographer at all, but they mean the world to me because of the memories they represent. As I've been loading all these photos I've been thinking that I really need to do something with them, but I can't decide what I want to do. I mean, I get them developed on a regular basis and I have a ton of photo albums, but I'm thinking I want to do something with them for the kids so they can have them one day. The problem is I'm too indecisive. Do I want to put them in a scrapbook or make a photobook? I used to make scrapbooks for the kids, but then when Sophie was a baby and we were traveling all the time with her it kind of fell by the wayside. I still have tons and tons of scrapbooking materials so I could always use that. I also have some photobook credits on the sites I use for developing photos that I can use. So any suggestions, thoughts, ideas?