Thursday, July 22, 2010

The man cave

Recently I have been hearing the term man cave tossed about. A lot. Anytime I turn on HGTV I can almost guarantee that one of the shows that I'm watching will at least mention the term if not devote an entire episode to it. For me the entire concept of having a man cave just irritates me beyond belief. Most likely my feelings are colored by the fact that my husband works crazy hours and is rarely home. If he were to tell me that he wanted a man cave to hide out in during the little time he was home then I can assure you that words like alimony and child support would soon start popping up. 
That being said, I've been wondering if the tables were turned and I were able to have a 'woman cave' what would I want in it. So I've made a handy little list.
  • Definitely a better name for the room. Seriously guys, man cave? 
  • Sound proof walls. Not so much to block the sound of my children, but to block out the constant questions of "Hey honey, how do I.....?" "Honey, am I supposed to.....?" "Do you think the kids need....?"
  • Slimming mirrors. Might as well get a bit of an ego boost while I'm hiding out spending some relaxing time on my own.
  • A secret delivery door. For two reasons. One so that when I order lunch (because I'm definitely not cooking in there!) I can easily get to it. Two so that when the UPS man comes I don't have to hear, "What did you order now?" ever again.
  • Chocolate fountain. For obvious reasons. 
  • A fancy shmancy big tub just for me. Meaning I can actually take a bubble bath with no kids crawling in with me.
I think that's pretty much it for  me. So what would you include in your cave if given a chance to have one?


greygillfish said...

Hysterical! I really haven't put much thought into man cave vs. lady cave, but now that you have brought it up, it is CRAZY how men think they deserve their very own space. I like the idea of a lady cave. Your cave sounds fabulous! You forgot to include the 24" IMAC...a lady must do her online shopping with the best equipment, right?

greygillfish said...

Have a question...can't find you e-mail. Will you pleaes shoot me an e-mail.

Jamie said...

A bubble bath is a must!! Love the idea of a chocolate fountain, lol!! I would have lots of books, music, and tons and tons of comfy pillows. I would also wear my sweats and not care about looking decent! Oh and wine would be nice, too!

Anonymous said...

I agree - I want to hang out with my guy when he gets home and DO NOT want to compete with a "man cave" - shudder!

However, I do want a boy-to-man cave for all my boys for their games, to hang out with their friends - and a place to put the fuseball table for football season. I don't mind it for football - but I want it CLEAN and NOT STINKIN'.

And, then I think it would be fair if I had my. . . Spa area? How's that?

Lisa said...

You are soooo funny! I am glad you came by my blog cuz I found yours! Absolutely delightful!