Saturday, July 31, 2010

Facebook-The good, the bad, and the ugly duckface

Aah facebook, we have such a love/hate relationship. 

I admit that when I first signed up for facebook I thought it was the most awesome thing since, well myspace. Now? Not so much. You see while I really enjoy keeping up with my friends and reconnecting with old classmates I'm starting to realize that there is a reason I have not kept in contact with some of these people over the years. So if you would please allow me to get a few things off my chest.... 
  • The profile picture. I'll admit mine is horrible. I haven't updated it in forever, but c'mon people. This whole pouty/duckface thing? Hate it. Don't know what I'm talking about? 
 In case you didn't know you look stupid. Oh and if you don't wax, it really showcases your mustache. Just sayin'. Other pics that make me cringe would be the nothing but boobs and the tongue sticking out.
  • The games. Obviously many enjoy them and that's cool. I just would rather not receive notices every. single. time. you. play. Especially if that is all that you do all day as many of my friends do apparently.
  • The status updates. Quotes are not status updates. They may be meaningful, but there is a place under the info section just for your favorite quotes. The vague status updates? Annoying. I.e "I am so mad and hurt right now. I can't even begin to explain" Then no update on what's going on. Btw, yes that is a real update from a guy on my friends list. And of course the TMI updates. I really don't need to know when your period starts. I also would rather not find out that your wife/husband has been cheating on you via facebook status updates. I'm sure that your teenage kids that are on your friends list would rather you keep these things to yourself also.
  • The drama queens. Wait a minute I actually kind of like these. They can be really amusing and tend to make my own life look really good in my eyes. Carry on please.
I'm sure some of you are thinking I sound like the old lady yelling at the kids to keep off her lawn and I should just deactivate my page. I do and I have. Multiple times. The problem with that is that some people think that I'm getting rid of them as friends and get their feelings hurt. Also, it's just so much easier to keep in touch with some people this way. Surely I'm not the only one out there that feels this way???


Lisa Madden Bass said...

I am right there with you on the FB thing...really! Some of the stuff I see and read is really CRAZY!
I have had to delete some people from my "friends" list because I simply didn't know how out there they were until FB!
Have a great day!

Lisa Madden Bass

Jamie said...

Ha ha!! Love this!!
I also tagged you in the questions and answers game! Go to my blog to get your questions!

Ewa said...

When I joined facebook I was checking every post of my friends, I started to play many games ( what a waste of time) I've all of them blocked now so they won't show on my front page(ok I still have one , but since I started blogging I don't have much time for it and I wouldn't post everything)Comment about your ex are the worst I think, why people post them?
Anyway, I thought I stop by and say hi, I've seen your post on the blogfrog about Friday follow, I know it's Sunday but I'm gonna follow you and come back soon
have a nice day

Anonymous said...

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Coco said...

Seriously, a "friend" of mine on facebook put that she was at her ob/gyn for her annual exam!! WTF!!

I am so with you on all of this.

And I loved your comment on my blog, "crack monkeys." I'm using that from now on!