Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A cupcake kind of day

Yesterday was one of those long, lazy summer days where the girls and I did not want to go anywhere or do anything. After sitting around staring at each other forever we decided we needed to do some baking. So we did.
 By the way did you know that if you wait and add the eggs after you have mixed everything else it will make your baked goods extra light and fluffy? Works wonders. Of course having a fairy help with the mixing doesn't hurt either.
 By the way, please don't laugh at my ugly kitchen. I know it's pretty bad. 
Kylie has been watching some show on the food network about being the next food network star and I guess it has inspired her. She wanted to try her hand at decorating.
I think the people at food network can rest easy, she gave up after frosting one cupcake.
They were really, really good though. I think I may need to take up jogging.


The Planet Pink said...

So fun! And yummy! I always think it would be fun to bake things with the girls, but by the time I've told them to stop putting their fingers in the batter for the 100th time, it gets a little old. LOL

greygillfish said...

It is always times like this when part of me wishes that I was a stay at home mom. :) Enjoy these simple things with the girls. :)

Wahzat Gayle said...

My daughter does that to me too watches Food networks Challenge and then decides that we make the creations that she sees on tv. LOL
We make brownies process is quick and finished in no time :)
visiting from Blog frog!

Ash said...

aww they are so cutely helpful. makes me want to have a baby girl..... :)

~ash's mum