Monday, July 5, 2010

A memorable Independence day!

Yesterday morning something really special happened in our house.
My sweet little Audrey hit a milestone. Losing the first tooth. She has been worrying with this tooth for at least a month now and yesterday it finally fell out on it's own. She was so excited to finally lose a tooth and could not wait to put it under her pillow.
We just watched the Tooth Fairy movie a few weeks ago and I told her I wanted to stay up in case our tooth fairy looked like Duane Johnson. She said, "Mommy, what if the tooth fairy is like Santa and won't come if you're up?" So I had to go to bed and now will never know. Darn it. The tooth fairy did leave her some gold and fairy  dust under her pillow.
Don't you just love that early morning bed head?
And a letter of congratulations.
I think that she was probably more excited that the tooth fairy left her a letter than anything else. She said "Mom, guess what? The tooth fairy knows my name!" Now I just have to convince Sophie that no, she does not have a loose tooth and no, the tooth fairy won't be coming to see her for awhile still. Hopefully.


The Planet Pink said...

What a fun milestone! At least the tooth fairy did a better job of remembering to go to your house than he did at ours!

Manisha said...

I wanted to add you back onto facebook but I can't find you anywhere, did you still want to be my fb friend?

did you block me or are you unsearchable?

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