Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I think we are done!

I think we are done with Kylie's room for now.  We are going to replace the carpeting with wood, but are going to wait a little while before doing it. Now before you look at the pictures some disclaimers, lol. First, I just have a really basic camera and the pictures look kind of umm, hazy I guess? Of course I'm sure they would look the same if I had a very good, fancy shmancy camera too since I'm not a photographer, but I think you can get the general feel of things. Second, the room is really small, 11x11 so there isn't a lot of room so it may look kind of crowded, but it works for us. Third, there are some things that I would still like to do, but for the most part (other than the flooring) they are nit picky. So here we go:
I'm going to buy a rug to go in front of the bed, but am waiting until we put the new flooring down. Kylie is intent on getting a round one, but we'll see. Just got the vinyl initial today. I wanted to get the larger size that was 22 inches, but Kylie wanted the smaller 12 inch one. She informed me that the other one would be far too big. It's kind of hard to see since it's white, but it has really pretty scalloped edges.
 By the way, how does the awning look? I was going to get husband to make it out of wood, but he said it would be too heavy. I went to hobby lobby in search of some foam board and they were having a sale on project boards. You know the things that fold in three sections that kids use in social studies and science fairs? I bought that, folded it into a triangle and covered it with fabric. We already had the window box, I picked up some potted plants from the dollar tree and added them. 
The pictures are 11x14. The frames have plastic, not glass so if they fall they won't break. To the right is our Eiffel tower vinyl. Kylie calls it the leaning tower of Eiffel. What can I say? The thing was taller than me and I had kind of a hard time getting it straight. 
We got rid of the of the useless armoire and I picked up the little table with the intentions of putting the television and dvd player on it. Her majesty wanted it on the dresser instead so there it is. The ooh la la letters came with the Eiffel tower so we put them above the mirror. I know you can't really see the lamp well, but I bought a shade and covered it with green and white damask fabric and trimmed the top and bottom of it with pink beads. It had a pull on it that had a moon and I cut it off and replaced it with a pink poodle one. 

 The mirror was on the closet door. I was going to buy a pretty one to go over the dresser, but thought I would try this out instead. I covered it with marabou boa because apparently I am a glutton for punishment and enjoy getting glue burns. 
 Desk and bookshelf. Nothing fancy. I bought the clock from someone, but it was black so I painted it to lighten it up some. 
 And Kylie sitting in her pretty pink chair. Please pretend you don't notice that she isn't wearing shoes. She nearly died when she saw this picture and said, "Mom, I hope you don't have a lot of people that look at your blog because I am barefoot and that is so embarrassing." Anyway, that is it for now. The paint is a lot lighter in actuality, almost an aqua color. It's called weather glass from the Eddie Bauer collection by Valspar. 


The Planet Pink said...

I LOVE it! Particularly the "leaning" Eiffel tower! LOL You did a great job!

the yacker said...
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Stephanie said...

I love this!THe awning looks nice... but I especially love her computer area- its nice and neat and the colors are amazing!!

MommaKiss said...

WOW, that is gorgeous! I'm way jealous! my boys room is a disaster right now, we're waiting for the lil one to give up his crib so we can do bunks.

greygillfish said...

Are you kidding???? I think you missed your calling in life. With all the rooms you have decorated, I think you could easily be a children's room designer! This is beautiful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the curtains. I think I will e-mail you for ideas when it is time to re-do one of the kid's rooms. I am sure you can handle boys rooms too, right? LOL!

You are so good at maximizing space. I am so impressed!

Lana said...

Thanks everyone. I hate that the pictures aren't very clear. Maybe one day I'll learn to take a decent one, lol.
@ Stephanie, I ordered her the desk about a year or so ago. The funny thing is the it's called the Kylie desk. I probably wouldn't have noticed it otherwise, but seeing her name caught my eye.
@Greygillfish- You are too kind. I would love to take a crack at a boys room. I see cute boy stuff all the time, but I don't even know any little boys. Apparently my family only produces girls, lol. I think my poor dad is still holding out hope that one of my brothers will eventually give him a grandson.