Thursday, July 29, 2010

Big day today!

Today is registration day at school. After I fork over a stupid amount of money for fees, stand in line for an hour to give proof of residence, fill out a billion and one forms and find a dolly to help unload all the school supplies we have to bring, we will find out which class they've been assigned to. Wow, was that a run on sentence or what?! The girls are excited and I am too, but I'm also a little nervous. Last year they both not only had incredible teachers, but their classmates were wonderful too. I'm kind of worried that since last year was so great that this year will end up being kind of a let down. It's silly I know because they go to a wonderful school and I have never heard anything negative about any of the classes, but I guess as a mom I just want the absolute best for my kids. 
I still can't believe that in just a little over a week they'll be back in school again! This summer seems to have flown by so quickly. I'm ready for us to get back into a routine, but at the same time I am really going to miss them when they are gone. Sophie has already told me that she is "going to be so lonely" when her sisters are at school.

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