Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The best photo session ever!

Today I had a great idea. I thought, 'hey, my husband is home so we can take the girls to the park and let them feed the ducks and I can take a few pictures.' 

Sounds good in theory right? Let me tell you why it was not a good idea. 
  • I have a ghetto camera. Apparently a few weeks ago I dropped my camera and broke the teeny, tiny piece that holds the battery compartment closed. So now I have to use a piece of tape to keep it from popping open. Guess what happened today? If you guessed that the tape didn't hold and I had to keep my finger on the compartment the entire time so it wouldn't keep shutting off then you win.
  • It is too hot. I mean really hot. The temperature was 97 degrees and the humidity level was in the upper nineties as well. My kids don't cooperate for pictures under the best of conditions. Throw in a little heat and you can forget it.
  • Apparently when you throw pieces of bread not only will the ducks come to get it, but so will those freaky birds that you always see in the parking lots (no clue what they are actually called. ) Not only will they come after it, but they will chase your animal fearing four and six year old sending them screaming and crying and begging for mommy to take them home.
  • It is too hot. Yes, I know I already said it once, but really it bears repeating. 
So that being said, do you wanna see the pictures? They are truly awesome I must say. First we have Sophie taking a break under the gazebo. This is what happens when I say, "Look at mommy Sophie."
Or better yet, the 'sure I'll let you take my picture if you can catch me' child.

 Of course nothing beats the eyes closed pose. Well unless you throw in the lawnmower in the background. Classic.
I think maybe I'll frame these and give them to the grandparents for Christmas this year.


The Planet Pink said...

Ha! I love this because I can SO relate. In our house "picture" is a dirty word.

greygillfish said...

HA! I think every parent feels your pain. We have all been down this road before. You can't imagine how many times I have tried to take pictures of my own kids and failed. My suggestion is to hire someone else. Kids are always better for other people. I am speaking from lots of experiece. :)

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I often think about doing a photo shoot with the girls and then I chicken out. That's why I'm the queen of candids. One tip is popsicles. They take great pictures the kids are happy and it looks darn cute. As long as they take the time to smile between licks.