Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thanks a lot Phil!

I know that those of you in the snow covered parts of the U.S are probably wanting spring to hurry up, but this:
Thu Feb 17 icon Partly Cloudy 73°F 52°F 0%
Fri Feb 18 icon Partly Cloudy 76°F 51°F 20%
Sat Feb 19 icon Partly Cloudy 77°F 50°F 10%
Sun Feb 20 icon Sunny 73°F 54°F 10%
Mon Feb 21 icon Partly Cloudy 75°F 55°F 10%
Tue Feb 22 icon Partly Cloudy 77°F 48°F 20%
Wed Feb 23 icon Sunny 73°F 45°F 0%

is just ridiculous.  I mean, I love springtime just as much as the next person, but we never really got any winter this year. My kids still have long sleeve clothes with the tags hanging on them that they never got to wear. I still have boxes of hot cocoa in my pantry that aren't opened. Hot soup? Never had a chance to make any this year. All because of this guy.
Hope you're really happy Phil. Now I've got to make a trip to Target to load up on the Claritin.

1 comment: said...

funny- i feel the same way in southwest florida!

i have 3 stinky boys- love seeing your pretty girls! mine are 5,6, and 9 yrs.

new follower!

- kelli