Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Please tell me..

That my house is not the only one where musical beds seems to be played on a nightly basis?  Last night Sophie fell asleep in Kylie's bed. Sideways.  That meant that Kylie could not get into her bed without waking up the beast her little sister.  She went into Audrey's room and got into the bottom bunk. In the meantime Sophie woke up. She then went into the living room and fell asleep in a chair.  Kylie decides that the bottom bunk is not comfortable enough for her so she gets into my bed.  That's right my bed.  I finally crawl into bed and as soon as I do she kicks off all the covers.  I'm one of those people that absolutely has to sleep with a cover so I tried pulling it back over me.  No go.  This kid is like a furnace, I was almost to the point of sweating from having her so close to me so I get up in search of another bed.  This morning I woke up in the bottom bunk bed, and found Kylie and Sophie both in my bed.  No clue where poor husband ended up last night. Maybe one day I'll get my bed back. Maybe.


greygillfish said...

It happens at our house on a nightly basis too. Our couch upstairs is completely worn out from hubby sleeping on it so much because he gets kicked out of his bed all the time. :)

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

So funny! Loving that picture!