Saturday, May 8, 2010

What I really want for Mother's Day

Since the purse I've been dropping hints about (for months now) has sold out I thought I would make a handy dandy list for my family to help them out. By the way wouldn't you think these 'hints' would be strong enough? "Oh, look honey, isn't this purse cute?", "You know that purse I really like? It's on sale now!", "That purse that I really, really like is on sale and has free shipping. Isn't that great?" "Umm, honey? Only three more days of free shipping on that super cute purse I love." "Honey, you know that purse... oh just forget it." So without further ado here is my list of what I would like to wake up to:
  • To wake up in the morning in my own bed without a childs foot in my face.
  •  To not wake up to the sounds of "Moooooooom, she did....." or "Mama Mia" or "It's Mario time!"
  • To wake up and find that all the wax privit in my neighborhood mysteriously died overnight. The cloying smell everytime I open my front door (not to mention the sinus headaches) is killing me.
  • To wake up and find that groceries magically appeared in my kitchen overnight. Oh, and that someone else put them all away.
  • To wake up and not have to explain to my four year old for the 938,394,281,594 time why snack cakes are not an acceptable breakfast.
I think that about covers everything. I wish all of my mommy friends out there a Mother's day as fabulous as you are!

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