Monday, November 5, 2012


I know I'm really late posting about Halloween, but this is literally the first chance I've had to sit at my computer for longer than ten minutes. So that being said, forgive me if this post sounds a bit disjointed as I'm going to cram everything into it!
  I made the kids some treats for school
  I made s'mores like I did last year and some Jack-o-lantern juice (thankyouverymuch pinterest!). They were fun to make, but drawing the faces on those water bottles was a pain!
The Friday before Halloween I took the kids and one of their friends to the Exploreum for their Halloween night.
Doesn't Audrey look thrilled at having her picture taken?

  Kylie and her friend had their faces painted of course. They also made those nasty looking "scars" on their arms. Lovely eh?
The next night I took the girls to Bellingrath Gardens for trick or treating. It was actually kind of cold (rare around here!) so we kind of hurried through and didn't get many pictures.
And of course on Wednesday we went trick or treating. Personally I'm glad it's November because I'm starting to get tired of the costumes! 

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