Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mommy scores bigtime!

In the early years of my marriage before I had children my husband and I would often go to antique stores or thrift shops in our spare time. Mostly to look for cool little nick-nacks or the occasional piece of furniture. I tried to go a few times when Kylie was small, but quickly found it was just more trouble than it was worth going to places like that with a child. Over the years I would read on various blogs about someone going into one a second hand shop and finding a great deal on something and I would think that it would be so cool to do, maybe one day I can try it.
Well my friends that day arrived today. My husband now has Wednesdays off and he told me about a new shop that opened nearby (I think it was a goodwill store, but I'm not sure). I told him that I wanted to go and check it out so off we went. When we got there I was far from impressed. Instead of having racks and shelves everything was in a bin on tables. A complete mess and most everything looked like garbage. We walked around for a minute or two and I told him that I was ready to leave. He said okay and as I was walking towards him to go I saw it. An American girl bitty baby doll. I picked it up and couldn't believe my eyes. We have a couple of them already, but this one looked ten times better than ours. No marks or scratches anywhere! I checked around to make sure there weren't any other little treasures (there weren't) and hurried to the register to pay. Now, does anyone want to guess how much this set me back?
I paid a grand total of............wait for it.................


My husband actually asked me if I really wanted to buy it because it didn't have clothes. Silly man, we have suitcases full of bitty baby clothes already! So have any of you tried thrift stores? If so what are some cool things you've found?


Stephanie said...

I love thrift stores!
I once found and american girl doll for $1. Then I found bags... literally of BRAND NEW. with tags Childrens place clothes at 50 cents each!

Its very hit or miss- but one thing I can depend on is our good will- were huge readers and you can always find amazing books for 50 cents each.

greygillfish said...

I love going antique shopping and to junking/thrifting, but sadly I don't have the time to do it very often.

I can't believe you found a bitty baby for .50. That is awesome!

Lee-Ann said...

What an awesome score! I swear I never find anything good at the thrift stores & they overcharge for everything!