Monday, August 1, 2011

Shaking my head

A few weeks ago I took the girls to my mom and dads house for a visit. It never fails that when we are over there my mom and dad will try to start finding kid shows on television for them to watch. I've explained to them many times that the kids would rather go outside and play on the huge tire swing or in the sandbox ('cause you know I'm a big meanie and don't have anything fun for them to play with at our house) but they still have to go through this little routine. Every time. So last time we were over there my dad asked the kids if they would like to watch The Flintstones. The girls looked at him like he had two heads and then asked to go out and play. My dad could not believe that my kids did not know who Fred Flinstone was so I was determined to remedy this situation. I'm not a big television person so it took me forever to find the channel with The Flinstones on it (cartoon network btw), but I finally found it. I put it on and called the kids into the room so they could watch this piece of pop culture history.

Audrey came in the room first. Her reaction? "Oh my goodness! It's the cereal people! Kylie, quick you have got to see this!" Kylie and Sophie came running into the room and the kids all three just laughed and laughed because they couldn't get over the fact that the guys from the cocoa pebbles commercial would have their own show. Seriously.
Then we come to the smurfs. We saw the preview for the movie while we were at another movie and I remember thinking to myself, "guess we'll be seeing that one next."
 Umm, no. The girls told me they thought that that the concept of little blue people running around was just creepy. Honestly, I kind of have to agree with them. This weekend Audrey begged me to take her to McDonalds and buy her a happy meal. Imagine her horror when she opened her meal and found one of 'those weird little blue guys' staring up at her. I told her she could just set it aside and we would add it to the donation bag and then I kind of forgot all about it. Until this morning when I awoke to yelling coming from her bedroom. I ran in there thinking that she and her sisters must be killing each other, but instead I found this scene of carnage:

Apparently Papa Smurf (or the weirdo in red as the kids call him) went a little crazy in the dollhouse. I'm totally hanging my head in shame as I've apparently failed my kids on pop culture.

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The Planet Pink said...

*snort* Have you seen any of the smurf's cartoons recently? The old ones we grew up on I mean. They are kinda trippy and weird. I can see how the girls think they're strange!