Saturday, October 15, 2011

I heard a rumor..

The other day I heard something that just made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Some silly person told me that fall (you know the season of changing leaves and cooler weather?) had arrived.
 Now I realize that I'm blond and well, us blonds tend to have a reputation of being gullible, but really?
 Surely they were just teasing me. I mean there is no way I would let my kids go to the park in sandals and sundresses if it were really fall. 
 That would just be too weird.


Lee-Ann said...

Same here last weekend, though this weekend is definitely fall!

greygillfish said...

Has it cooled down yet? We got our first cold front yesterday, so it's a little chilly here for my taste. I am ready for the warm sunshine to be back. :)