Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A bittersweet moment

A few days ago I did something that I had been dreading for quite some time. I preregistered Sophie for kindergarten. Don't get me wrong I'm very excited for her to start school and she is too, but I'm just having a hard time dealing with it. She's really looking forward to all the fun arts and crafts projects, learning to read and most importantly making some friends. I'm looking forward to all those things as well, but well she's my baby. This wasn't supposed to happen for a really, really long time.
When I registered Kylie for kindergarten I was super excited. Sure, I knew I was going to miss having her at home, but I knew that I had Audrey and Sophie at home. I remember being so shocked at how much she changed during that first year. Some changes were wonderful, but some not so great. I remember being absolutely shocked when my sweet little girl decided that she hated all things character like her once beloved Disney princesses. And the eye rolls. I thought I was going to die the first time I saw her do that. Sadly, I see it more and more the older she gets.
When I registered Audrey I was excited but seeing how much Kylie changed once she started school I was a little nervous. I dreaded seeing her do the same thing and of course I kept reminding myself that I still had Sophie at home. I ended up being pleasantly surprised. School actually seemed to help her with her shyness a lot. She's come out of her shell a lot and even calls her classmates on the phone from time to time. She does have a little bit of the attitude, but not too bad. She doesn't do the eyes rolls (yet), but she is really good at the long drawn out mooooommmm thing.
Sophie of course already knows all the little attitude things since she has big sisters.  I think for me it's extra hard this time around because I know that this is it. There are no more babies at home to take care of. There is no one to keep me company during the day. I won't have a little shopping buddy or someone to play dolls with or do puzzles with. And as much as I complain about all the dumb shows that come on television during the day (Calliou, Dirt Girl anyone?) I'm going to miss hearing all the themes songs and seeing the smile on her face whenever Curious George comes on. So if you guys notice I'm posting a little less these days you'll know why. I'm trying to soak up each and every last minute with my preschooler.

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Leslie said...

I understand. P started Kindy this year and even though we homeschool, it was still hard. They are growing up so fast. Enjoy every day with your girlies!