Friday, December 16, 2011

The 100 workout- a small update

Back in August I posted about the 100 workout. I was wanting to get into shape and this little exercise plan seemed to come along at just the right time. In case you don't know what the 100 workout is, it's basically a calisthenics plan.
 Looks pretty easy right? Umm, not so much. I can't speak for everyone, but I have to say it kicked my butt. The first time I did it I accidentally left out the second set of 60 jumping jacks and almost cried when I realized it. I was out of breath and honestly thought I was going to die. I did change the plan up a bit. Instead of running I ride my bike. I tried running a few years ago and developed a knee inflammation that took me months to get over so I'm a little scared of running now. Hopefully if I lose some more weight I'll get up the courage to give it another go and we'll see what a difference it makes. 
 Now for the question I'm sure is on your mind, how much weight have I lost? The answer is I have no idea. Sorry. I was weighing myself diligently, but then in September I had a few medical scares and when I went to the doctor and was weighed I was very upset to find that I weighed a full ten pounds more on their scales than I did on mine.  I came home and threw mine away. However, I did weigh myself a few weeks ago and at that time I had lost about 16 pounds. I have gone down at least one size in my jeans and in all honesty I think I'm ready to go down one more size. As far as how I feel? Much, much better. I'm also trying to be careful with how I eat. As I mentioned earlier I had some medical issues come up and it kind of opened my eyes to some things. One of them being my diet. I'm not a big junk food eater, but after talking to some friends I realized that some of the foods that I ate that I thought were okay, were really not good for me. I started to read labels and was shocked at some of the things I found. Before if I happened to glance at a label it was to check the calorie content, but now I'm looking at the sodium content, carbs, and fat. I've also recently begun drinking water. I've always really, really hated water so this is a biggie for me. I'm kind of cheating a little in that I am adding some flavor to it in the form of crystal light, but hey it helps. One thing I am not doing however is dieting. Someone recently gave me a diet plan that they are using and I took one look at it and knew that it wouldn't work for me. For one all of my favorite foods were banned from it and two, I know that I might lose a lot of weight with it, but then once I'm off the diet it will all come back. 
I was thinking of adding some pictures of myself to show the difference in my weight, but I'm really not ready for it. I go back to the doctor in March and I'm thinking that when I go I'll have an accurate weight (hopefully far less than last time!) and I'll try to get some pictures to share then. Other than the change in clothing size it's been kind of hard for me to tell a difference. My husband recently snapped a few pictures of me with the girls while I wasn't aware and when he showed them to me I could really tell that I looked different. So there you have it. I'm nowhere near supermodel size and I never will be, but the plan is making a difference and I'm going to keep it up and try to update every so often. So have any of you tried the 100 workout? If so how are you coming along with it?


greygillfish said...

So proud of you! I started working out and eathing healthier in august, but then got sick in October and quit. AAHH! I was down 10lbs, but I have been too afraid to weigh myself now that I haven't worked out.

I bet you are feeling so much better! I know I was. I really need to get my butt back in gear and start back up.

Way to go!

greygillfish said...

Oh, and that 100 workout looks horrendous...just saying.

I may have to give it a try, but I don't think I could do it!

Lee-Ann said...

Great job! I wish I could say I had the stamina for that but ya, not even close! I'm actually in the process of trying to cut out diet coke (except 1 a day) and sugar in the form of sweets, cakes, cookies and such with is my weakness and addiction! I'm on day 2, I have a long way to go.

Lana said...

Thanks everyone! It's hard right now with all the holiday goodies staring me in the face so don't be surprised if I slip up.