Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas lists

Like most parents every year I ask my kids what they want for Christmas. For some kids this might seem like an awesome opportunity to list every toy they've ever seen on television and in the stores. Not mine. Trying to get a list out of them is like pulling teeth. I do good to get them to give me two, maybe three things. For example I asked Audrey what she wanted and  after much deliberation she finally told me she would like the American girl dog Sugar and her rain gear.

I asked Sophie what she wanted and surprise, surprise she told me she wanted a ginormous Hello Kitty stuffed animal.

 With Kylie I was a bit luckier I suppose. She asked for two things.  A Moshi monsters ds game and a Moshi monster Iggy plush. Please don't ask me what a moshi monster is because I have no idea. 

 Now most of this was easy peasy. I bought everything ages ago, but that stupid plush thing Kylie asked for has been sold out everywhere. Trust me, I mean everywhere.  I finally found out that the Moshi Monsters game originates from the U.K so I searched online stores in the U.K. No luck. Every single one was sold out of it. I tried Australia. Nope. Finally as luck would have it someone on Amazon had one and I snagged it. For twice the retail price. Because you know I'm a sucker when it comes to doing things for my kids. 
Do your kids make Christmas lists too? If so did they put anything super hard to find on it? Anything that you would really, really rather they not have?

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