Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey in disguise

Every year the kindergarten classes at my childrens school have a 'turkey in disguise' project. Basically they teacher gives the kids a picture of a turkey that they have to cut out and then disguise so that no one will know it's a turkey and eat it for Thanksgiving. They hang them up along the walls throughout the school and the parents can see them when they come to school for Thanksgiving dinner. I remember one of my kids decorated their turkey as a doctor and yet another one decorated theirs as Santa Claus. When Sophie brought home hers to decorate I just knew she was going to decorate hers as Hello Kitty. I was wrong. 
 I don't think you can even begin to imagine my surprise when she told me her turkey was going as a bottle of soap. When I asked her how she came up with that idea she informed me that the turkeys neck and head reminded her of the pump on the bottle of soap. Go figure.

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Leslie said...

That is AWESOME and so creative. I love it!