Sunday, November 13, 2011

My how things have changed.

When I first became a mom one of the things I was most excited about was all of the clothes shopping that I had to look forward to. Shallow yes, but true. I was one of those moms that would not walk out the door unless my kids looked just so. When Kylie was young I was all about the smocked dresses, bonnets, bows, monograms and other stuff that you generally had to go to a boutique to buy.

 Then when Audrey came along we stuck with the smocked stuff for awhile, but then moved on to more casual things like Baby Lulu, Mini Boden, Gap and Gymboree.

I have to say this was actually a little bit of a relief for my husband because it was a bit cheaper. Of course I was never happy with just a dress or top, we had to have the whole enchilada. Socks, bows, purses, shoes and even underwear had to match.  Then when Sophie entered the picture it was three times the fun. I loved it because I could dress all of the girls in matching or coordinating outfits. It actually became dare I say a bit of an obsession? 
Yes, that is a cast on my two year old daughters leg.
 Recently however, I have been feeling a bit sad. The girls have long since stopped wanting to wear matching clothes and not only that they have gone and *gasp* developed their own taste in clothing! Sophie thinks that everyday should be Hello Kitty day, Audrey only wants purple, lavender or lilac, and Kylie? Oh my goodness. Kylie makes me the saddest. She only wants to wear the same two or three outfits. Over and over again. Today I realized just how far we've come with the clothes thing when Audrey asked to wear this outfit to Target:
 Yes, that is her Dorothy costume from two years ago complete with Toto in a basket. Did we get a few stares? Probably, but you know what? My seven year old thanked me for letting her wear it and smiled the entire time so it was definitely worth it.

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Lee-Ann said...

Sounds similar to my kids! I miss dressing a baby. :(