Tuesday, November 1, 2011

To catch a ghost

About a week or so ago Audrey was sitting next to me while I was checking my email. I subscribe to emails from pixel of ink to get a heads up on free/bargain kindle books and I had just opened an email they  sent me and saw a book on it called '101 ways to catch a ghost'. Non-fiction of course. I started laughing and Audrey wanted to know what was so funny and naturally when I told her she begged me to download the book. Since it was free I did. She then proceeded to ask me everyday if we could read the book because she needed to catch a ghost. Things have been so hectic around here that I honestly have not had the time so this weekend when she asked me I just gave her my kindle and told her to have at it.
A little while later she, Sophie and Kylie came in the room and asked for a flashlight. Then a few minutes later they came back and informed me and my husband that we needed to be very quiet because they were ghost hunting and they wanted to be able to hear the ghosts. About twenty minutes later they informed us that we did in fact have a ghost. Nice. I pretty much forgot all about their little escapade until I was cleaning up this morning and ran across Audrey's notebook. She writes jokes and draws pictures in it and I was flipping through it as I was taking it to her room admiring her great pictures (her art skills are obviously a recessive gene) when I ran across a something that she had written. It would seem that she took notes while ghost hunting and I thought I would share in case any of you might be worried that you too have a ghost.

6:31 pm-We were in the bathroom hunting for ghosts this evening. We looked in the shower and the cord of the shower (I'm assuming she meant on the shower head since it's one of those that you can take down and use as a handheld) itself was moving! When Kylie touched it it was cold. BEWARE! OMG! Now there's a light. A little oval shaped light not caused by the flashlight. Now the phone is dialing itself (why they had the phone in there I do not know) I have a feeling it's a not a nice ghost like King Boo (I think this is a Mario Bro. character, but I'm not sure). Or it might be a nice banshee like Ecto (huh?). Sophie claims to have seen something up close to the shower! 
 Just when I was getting used to not having the kids barge in the bathroom on me all the time they just have to go and conjure up a ghost for me. Great.


greygillfish said...

That is too funny!

greygillfish said...

Have they seen Ghostbusters? We let the kids watch it a few months ago. GTO loved it. :)

Lee-Ann said...

LOL OMG that is hilarious! I love it!

Lana said...

They haven't watched ghostbusters. I'll have to see if I can find it on netflix.