Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekend recap (a little late)

This weekend was one of pure chaos, but so much fun! On Friday I took Kylie to a sleepover at a friends house. She hasn't been to a sleepover in quite a few months so she was kind of excited. However, I think Audrey was probably more excited because this meant (in her words of course) that she was now the big sister. 
On Saturday after I picked Kylie up we had to run some errands. Not fun this close to Christmas obviously, but unfortunately it was a necessary evil that had to be done.  After we finished I took the girls downtown to a Christmas parade. Once again my husband was working and had to miss out. Sometimes I really hate his job. After the parade I took the kids to my mom and dads house for a visit. 
On Sunday we had some family over to celebrate Sophie's birthday. Her birthday isn't until Thursday, but we wanted to have her celebration over the weekend and waiting until the weekend afterward would not work out for obvious reasons. For the second year in a row she had a Hello Kitty theme. The child is obsessed with Hello Kitty for some reason. 
 She had a fantastic time and of course received a ton of presents.

 After everyone left we loaded the kids up and took them to Bellingrath Gardens to see their Christmas in lights exhibit. This year we were smart and decided to take the wagon for the kids. I told them that next year I'm riding in the wagon. My feet still hurt just thinking about all the walking we did!
 The lights were gorgeous of course and everyone had a great time.

 Today the girls and I plan on staying home all day and being lazy slugs and enjoying the last few days before Christmas. Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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