Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lana and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Today wasn't the best day ever for me.  My house is a huge mess because of the work being done in my living room.  I am extremely anal when it comes to my home.  I have to have things in just the right spot all the time so having utter chaos going on is just miserable for me.   I took Sophie to her gymnastics class and  I *tried* to talk to one of the other moms and she completely ignored me.  Honestly, I am still shocked by how incredibly rude she was.   So I was annoyed, but brushed it off and hurried home because I was supposed to go to Kylie's school for a picnic today.  I get there and she does the whole 'I'm so embarrassed that my mom is here' routine.   She does this everytime I go to something at her school and I really don't know why I continue to subject myself to it.  I end up leaving early and come home to my messy house only to find that my phone is not working.  Stupid mediacom is constantly doing this.  Finally get my phone service back (apparently service was out entirely in our area) and my phone rings.  It's my parents calling to say they are coming over so my dad can do more work on the living room project.  As soon as they walk in my mom starts pointing out flaws so my dad gets annoyed and I get to listen to them bicker for about two hours.  At this point all I want to do is crawl up somewhere with a bottle of wine and a block of chocolate.  My dear, sweet husband does me one better though and orders me this when he comes home from work instead:

So now all is right with my world.  I love that man.

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Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Happy to hear your day ended nice. Love the purse.....hope your weekend is better.