Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rain, rain go away, I've got too much to do today

*Sigh* It's been pouring since last night .  I know that the rain isn't supposed to stop for quite some time but I keep crossing my fingers that the weather forecaster will be wrong.  My dad came over yesterday to start to work on a project that I have been dying to get started on and now this is going to cause a delay.  What project you ask?  I am having a built in made in my living room!  I currently have an entertainment center that is oh, I don't know about 11 or 12 years old?  The poor thing is really looking it too.  Looking back in pictures I can see it looked pretty nice  decent when Kylie was a baby, but then around the time Audrey entered the picture it started it's downfall.  Since adding Sophie to the mix it just hasn't stood a chance.  Walter is working today so I had this grand vision of having everything pretty much done before we got home, but I guess that is not to be.  Although it does look like the rain is starting to taper off a bit............

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