Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random ramblings

1.  My living room is finally starting to come together.  It's taking forever because my husband works such stupid hours and he is the one running to buy the things my dad needs.  Right now we just need to get some trim put up on the shelving and we'll be done with that part.  At least the room is clean now.  Still trying to decide what to do with the 100's (yes 100's) of movies we have.  They are NOT going back in there.  At least not all of them.
2. Sophie and Kylie had their well visits yesterday.  Kylie apparently is blind as a bat so she'll be visiting the eye doctor next week.  Ugh.  I dread the whole glasses thing.  I think they are really cute and everything, but I'm worried about her not taking care of them, losing them or worse yet breaking them.  The doctor also gave us some suggestions for what to do when she has her migraines.  Poor thing has been having them since kindergarten.  Other than that she is healthy.  Sophie is going to need speech.  Not a surprise there at all.  I called today to set up an evaluation, but the lady that schedules it was out.  I gave our  information to the speech pathologist and I'm hoping she can get her in soon so she can get started soon.  
3.  The girls bedding from Target came yesterday.  It's cute, but I don't know how great it's going to be.  The stitching on the quilt is huge and I'm kind of worried about it not holding up well when it's washed.   Oh well, it will give me an excuse to buy more bedding later.  I tend to buy new bedding once a year.  Okay, sometimes twice a year.  Thanks for pointing that out to me Walter. 
4.  My purse came today.  I was so excited to get it,  it is HUGE though.  Still haven't put all my crap very important stuff in it yet.  
5.  Just realized tonight that my drivers license needs to be renewed before the ninth of next month.  Ugh. The last two times I've had it renewed were right after I had a baby.  Both of those times I've gone in with a newborn and the clerk would not change the weight because "aww, you just had a baby, you'll be down to your regular weight in no time" Umm, yeah.  Never happened.  This time when I go I won't have an excuse.  

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