Monday, November 8, 2010

Playing Hooky

Friday we had to take Sophie to New Orleans to get her skin graft checked out. I gave Audrey and Kylie the option of staying home and having my mom and dad watch them after school or playing hooky from school and going with us. They chose option two. Now before you get jealous thinking that we went down to the French Quarter and did all the fun touristy type stuff and ate some awesome food don't. Last year we did that and the girls didn't care for any of it. So this year after Sophie had her appointment we went to Lakeside mall and did some shopping. Sad, I know. After shopping we road over to Gulfport Ms. and went to the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. This place is awesome. They have all these cool areas where the kids can dress up.
margaritas anyone?
 Or they can film a cooking show.
 Or experiment with science.
See what it's like to do construction work.
 Or just climb around and burn off some excess energy.

 All in all we had a really great day and I'm glad the kids chose option number two.

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Leslie said...

Looks like a great day! And at least you did something educational and didn't just skip school to go to Chuck E Cheese or something ;o) love it.