Monday, November 15, 2010

This and that

Sorry to have been MIA, things are starting to get crazy around here with the holidays coming up. Here's a little taste of what's been going on around here..... 
Audrey came home from school the other day and calmly announced that her teacher has cancer. I kind of figured this out about two months ago, but I was trying to decide if I should say anything to her or not. I didn't want to scare her or have her act differently around her teacher, yet at the same time I wanted her to understand why she was missing school so often. Apparently I over thought things because she seemed to take it in stride. I'm not sure what kind she has, but it looks like it's in remission and she just finished up the last of her treatments. 
Kylie  had kind of a big week last week. On Tuesday she was in a Thanksgiving  program at school and she did fantastic. Before you think I'm bragging on her part in the program, I promise I'm not. This child has the worst anxiety you have ever seen. Usually when she has something like this we are both in tears by the end of the night. I'm crossing my fingers that she is finally starting to outgrow it somewhat. 
She also lost a tooth last week. She hasn't lost one in years and I was under the impression that she wasn't supposed to lose anymore until she was ten, but I guess I was wrong. The funny thing is that everyone always teases her about losing her teeth because when she says that she lost a tooth she means she really lost a tooth. As in she dropped it or swallowed it. She has probably only put about three teeth out of the eight (or is it nine?) she has lost under her pillow. When she was in kindergarten she would write the tooth fairy a letter explaining why she had no tooth and leave it under her pillow. Well guess what happened to this tooth? Yep, she was brushing her teeth and spit it out and it went down the drain. Luckily dad was home to save the day. 
And of course Sophie. I've been trying to really kick things into gear with her numbers and letters. For some reason we've been having a really tough time with her counting and that's been frustrating both of us. If anyone has any good suggestions I would love to hear them.
As for me I am one happy Mama. Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our eleventh year of marriage and Duke had their first basketball game. Could not ask for a better way to wrap up the weekend.

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