Monday, January 24, 2011

Competence, we got it!

Something happened on Friday that has bugged me all weekend. I thought I would share so I can get some opinions on whether or not I'm overreacting. 
Last week Kylie wasn't feeling well so I kept her home on Wednesday. On Thursday she seemed to be feeling better so I sent her and told her to call me if she felt bad. She made it all day and did not complain when she got home so I sent her on Friday. Around 11:30 the school nurse called. The conversation went exactly like this:
Nurse Competent- "I have Kylie in my office and she tells me she feels dizzy."
Me- paused a minute here waiting for her to tell me what her temp is if she looks pale, coughing, etc. 
Nurse Competent- silence
Me- "Okay, I guess I'll come pick her up then."
Nurse Competent- "Here you can talk to her" then she puts Kylie on the phone.
Really? That's it? You don't even ask the kid a few questions to see if they are really sick or faking it? Wow, wish we had you at my school when I was growing up. I would have been in your office all the time. By the way Kylie was not faking. She told me that she had been standing at her teachers desk to speak to her and got dizzy and sat on the floor because she was scared she was going to fall down. The nurse related none of this to me even though the teacher sent a note to her with her symptoms. So I get to the school and go to the first aid room thinking that surely the nurse will come out and talk to me so that when I call the doctors office I can tell them all of Kylie's symptoms. Nope. I get there and Kylie is sitting in a chair outside the nurses office. The nurse does not even come out to see if I picked her up. Now am I crazy for being annoyed? I could understand if this was a parent volunteer but this is nurse with a degree that is getting paid. I also realize that she's not a doctor and cannot make a diagnosis, but to not even take a temperature? Heck she could have given the thermometer to Kylie and she could have done it herself. Not that hard.


The Planet Pink said...

That does seem odd that she didn't follow up or offer you her evaluations. I would hope that if my child went to the nurses' office at school that they would at least perform initial evaluations and relate that to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lana! I've started a new blog...hope you'll come by. Your girls' room is gorgeous! :)

Suzanne (formerly of Mommy Moves Again)

morrest1101 said...

Sounds crazy odd... I'd talk to the school!