Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I've been up to (a.k.a. the longest post evah!)

Things are finally starting to settle down around here somewhat. First we had Sophie's birthday, then Christmas, then we decided to start on the playhouse/loft bed project and then Kylie's birthday. My house has been a total disaster and I think I am officially insane now. I was going to do a post yesterday about what's been going on around here but decided instead to attempt to get my house back in order (somewhat) so you get to hear all about it today. I know you're completely underwhelmed. So here we go......
  • Thursday morning Audrey left for school with a loose tooth. I know I sound like a horrible mom, but I crossed my fingers and prayed when she got on the bus that she would lose it at school. She whined about it the night before (and that girl can whine!) and all morning long and quite frankly I didn't think my nerves could handle it anymore. Apparently her teachers nerves couldn't take it either because when she came home she told me that her teacher pulled it for her.  

  •  Friday of course was Kylie's birthday. We gave her a present before school and later in the day Sophie and I took cupcakes to her class. I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that she's nine already. I think next year when she hits the double digits I'm really going to lose it. 
  • On Saturday just to show yet another example of my complete insanity I took the girls to Toys R Us. They had some gift cards to spend so I thought I would let them go buy some more crap toys because you know, we just really don't have enough around here. Naturally Audrey had an all out fit in the middle of the store. It was awesome. My favorite part was when she started wailing, "You don't love me that's why you never buy me anything!" and everyone in the store had to stop and give me dirty looks. Because you know, no ones kids ever have meltdowns at the toy store. On a good note though I think I actually managed to achieve the impossible (for me anyway) that day. I got not one, but several pictures of my girls TOGETHER! Not only did I get some together pictures of them, but they were all looking at the camera! Crazy I tell ya!

  •  Sunday sadly was the day from hell. I kid you not. We decided to have family over for Kylie's birthday on this day since it was the only day that my husband had off. My house was still a mess because we had to move everything out of Audrey and Sophie's room for the bed project we've been working on. For some people this would not be a big deal, but I am extremely anal retentive about my house. My family thinks I have OCD because I cannot stand to have anything not in it's proper spot and have a tendency to umm, kind of freak out a little when it's not.  So anyway I was not in a very good mood to put it mildly. My parents showed up an hour early, the mother in law arrived ('nough said), and then my brother came by. My mom and mother in law apparently thought it would be fun to see who could be the most depressing. They talked about social security, their health and how broke they are now that they are retired. My brother sat and texted his girlfriend the entire time and then acted somewhat put out that I didn't have a charger that would fit his blackberry. And did I mention my house was a mess? Luckily Kylie told me that she had a great time and of course that's all that matters. 

Oh and Duke played that night and won so that kind of helped too. Anyway, that's what I've been up too. The bed has been moved into place finally. I still need to add the trim around the windows and door and do the curtains and then I'll share some pictures of it.


Leslie said...

I can't wait to see the bed!! Sorry about Sunday. I always say that my inlaws can only get together twice...once was at my wedding...and then at my funeral (so I don't have to listen to them "one-up" each other!). UGH - gotta love family!
Cute pic of the girls. I love their outfits :)

Monica said...

Love the pics of your girls together and their coordinating outfits! They are gorgeous!
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