Friday, March 11, 2011

Mama bear failure(s)

You know how everyone says that when you have kids your mama bear instinct comes out? That instinct that says you'll do anything and everything to protect and take care of your child(ren)? Yeah, mines not working so great lately. 
Case in point. This weekend we took the girls skating. All of them are really good skaters, none of that scooting along the edges of the rink falling down stuff like their mom does. Nope, they get out in the middle of the rink and go for it. Things were going really well and they were having a blast and then it happened. In slow motion I watched as Sophie was zooming along when this woman skated up behind her flirting with some guy. She was looking at him making googly eyes and I just knew she was about to take my baby out. And she did. Not only did she knock her down, but then she fell on her and laid there. My husband jumped up, ran and scooped Sophie up and brought her to me. Her face was red from meeting the hard floor and she was crying. FYI, Sophie rarely cries. She's one of those kids that will run into a brick wall, fall down and say "I'm okay" and keep going. I sat and held her and tried to get her to calm down. Now one would think that if an adult knocked over a small child they would at least apologize and check to see if they were okay. One would be wrong. Not only did this person knock my baby down, she pushed herself up off of my baby and skated off without even looking back at her, apologizing or anything. To say I was unhappy would be the understatement of the year. Oh yes, mama bear was mad. Sophie continued to cry and tell me that she wasn't going to skate anymore so I walked around with her and tried to take her mind of her accident. As we were walking we walked right past the woman that knocked her down laughing and talking with some other people. Did I stop and tell her she needed to apologize to my child? No I did nothing. I still feel like crap five days later for not doing so. I talked to Kylie and one of her friends and they were able to convince Sophie to get on the floor and try it again. They had a great time and of course Sophie got over it, but I still feel like I let her down for doing nothing.
Second mama bear failure. Yesterday was Kylie and Audrey's first day back to school after a five day weekend (that's right people, here the kids get out of school more time for mardi gras than they do for Thanksgiving). Kylie and Audrey were both grumpy and whiny of course. After they finally got dressed Kylie told me she thought she was going to be sick. What did I do? Nothing. I told her to eat her breakfast so we could go to school. The school nurse called me at 10:00 to tell me that she threw up and I needed to come pick her up. Big mama bear failure. I just assumed that she was faking feeling bad so she wouldn't have to go to school (something she's never done before) and didn't even entertain the thought of not sending her. Instead I sent my poor child to school where she threw up in front of all her classmates. She's been home in bed ever since. 
So needless to say this mama bear has some major 'Iletmykidsdown' guilt going on right now. Have any of you ever had a mama bear failure? Of have you had a mama bear moment where you really came through?

4 comments: said...

sometimes we come through with shining colors- sometimes.... not so much, but until we have perfect people- we won't have any perfect mammas!
btw- it is doubtful you could have taught that rude woman any manners anyway, you were probably a better example to your girls by letting it go. those kind of people aren't worth the energy!

The Planet Pink said...

Oh girl, have I ever had those moments? Countless times! One time in particular still haunts me to this day, 3 years later... my only saving grace is that my princesses don't remember. And they rarely do. Your girls will forgive you. Try not to be too hard on yourself!

Leslie said...

I agree that you were a good example of forgiveness to the girls. I would have likely made rude comments where the "woman" could hear me...and not been a very good example to my kids. And the sick kiddo thing totally happens to everyone!!

Lee-Ann said...

Oh I do it all the time! They will be okay & so will Mama. :)