Friday, March 18, 2011

Another imperfect project

A few months ago after my husband and I finished the girls playhouse loft bed we thought we would be done with kids projects for a little while. We were wrong. Sophie looked up at her daddy and the first thing she said was, "Now I need a play stove so I can cook." My husband of course being the sucker awesome dad that he is told her no problem. He asked me to look online for some plans and so naturally I headed over to Ana White's website to see what I could find. The plan that I found was for a smallish size oven which I thought would be perfect because it would fit in the playhouse. My husband on the other hand insisted that it be larger so the girls could actually stand up and use it. I will be quite honest and tell you that this project was a nightmare. Apparently my husband even though he means well is not very good at converting plan sizes so it took FOREVER and it is still nowhere near perfect. However it is finally done and the girls are happy with it so I guess that's all that matters right?
I planned to put a little clock in the middle of it, but have run into obstacles everytime I try to buy one. First I went to Michaels where they were sold out of them. Then my husband told me he would run into Goodwill and pick up and old alarm clock that we could dismantle and use. He found a little table clock that he thought would be perfect. Umm, we can't figure out how to get the thing open. I suppose I could smash it, but with my luck it would break the hands and numbers so I tried Hobby Lobby. Our Hobby Lobby is in the middle of some big reconstruction right now so it's a huge mess. While I was in the store trying to figure out where everything was at the lights went out. And stayed out. The manager finally came on the P.A system and basically told everyone to leave. So no clock. Anyway, we got the thing finished (minus the clock) and brought it in and put it in the playhouse. The girls promptly told us that it was too big to go there so we had to move it out (can you see me rolling my eyes?).  It currently sits right inside Audrey and Sophie's bedroom door which kind of bugs me, but I guess I can live with it for now. 

Hopefully this will be the end of kid projects for a little while. I did overhear one of the girls say something about a refrigerator and I just did what any other parent would do and pretended that I didn't hear them.


Leslie said...

That is awesome. Sorry it was such a pain but it is cute! My dad made one for us when we were little...and a fridge ;) We had so much fun with that! said...

oh! it looks great! what about doing a pretend clock? then they could move the hands around themselves and learn about telling time? (we happen to be working on that right now)
we once made a cardboard kitchen that was a lot of fun- but a lot of work also!
awesome project!

Anonymous said...

It looks really cute! What an adorable room.

Lee-Ann said...

Wow, that is amazing! Great job!

greygillfish said...

You should seriously start a business! You two make the cutest things!

I like the idea of a pretend clock too. Paint on the #s and apply the hands and it wil be a great teaching tool.