Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend recap

This weekend started out in the most fantastic way. Do you remember last week I was complaining about how it was taking me forever to get Sophie a speech evaluation and that the last time we went I lost a piece off my purse? Well on Friday she finally got her evaluation. And yes she did qualify. It took every bit of self restraint I possessed not to shout "I told you so!" and sing the nanny boo boo song, but I was good and refrained. Also while I was waiting I found out that the principal had found the lock to my purse. I was so thrilled to get it back. Of course now I'm feeling a little guilty because just two days prior my husband told me to go online and order another purse (perhaps he was tired of my whining?) and I did. I offered to return the new purse when it arrived and he told me not to worry with it so being the good wife I am I'm going to do just what he says. So now I'm waiting somewhat patiently for this new baby to arrive.

On Sunday Audrey and I had a fun day together. My husband was home from work so he watched Kylie and Sophie while I took Audrey to do some shopping and lunch. I love doing things with all three of my children, but I just adore getting to spend one on one time with them like this. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed the one on one time too.
It's been pretty spring-like here for at least a month now, but yesterday marked the official first day of spring. It was in the eighties here so I think it's pretty safe to say I can now put these guys back in the closet for another year.

 I'm trying really, really hard not to complain (too much) about the complete lack of winter we got this year and enjoy the nice weather we've been having. Yesterday we took the girls out to my mom and dads house for a little kite flying. You'll have to use your imagination and pretend there is a really cool picture of my kids flying their kites right here since my camera battery needed charging and I didn't realize it until too late. They had a fantastic time and one of the kites even managed to survive their abuse.
When we got home my husband and I were treated to an actual fashion show starring the super famous celebrity Sophie.  We had no idea we lived amongst such a fashionista.
No, those are not my hands in the picture thankyouverymuch.
And since today is teacher work day at the girls school it looks like our weekend continues on. I hope all of you have a wonderful week and can get outside and enjoy this nice spring weather.

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