Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I have not slept in days. Sophie has been running a temp of 102 since Saturday and I can't sleep when one of my babies is sick. I've been extremely lucky over the years and pretty much the only 'sickness' I've ever had to deal with (kid-wise) has been allergies. Those we have plenty of. Ear infections, stomach bugs, etc. not so much knock on wood. I know it seems silly and it's probably nothing, but I'm worried. Of course, I'm sure that we could knock her fever out pretty quickly if I could just get some medicine into her. The other night husband and I both held her down and made her take her medicine and I *think* she may have got 1/2 a teaspoon of ibuprofen in her. Did I ever tell you she's strong willed? No? Well she is. I've been trying to sneak it into her drinks, but she's caught on. I'm calling her pediatrician as soon as the office opens this morning so hopefully I can find out what is going on with her. Oh, and my parents just called me from Atlanta and asked if I could pick them up from the airport in an hour or so. Apparently their flight was delayed so they had to stay there overnight and the person they had asked to pick them up last night won't be available to get them today. Do you think they'll mind if I show up in my p.j.'s?


The Planet Pink said...

Hope she feels better soon!!

greygillfish said...

I hope she gets well soon!