Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peace at last

This weekend I had to go to Walmart. Now anyone that knows me will tell you this is a big deal. I despise the store with a passion. Just trying to find a parking spot there makes me a nervous wreck. And no I am not exaggerating. However, I had to go there to buy something that my beloved Target did not have (husband was working or trust me he would have been sent on this mission). So I loaded up the girls and off we went. They did not want to go anymore than I did so I told them that I would let them look at the toys while we were there. By the way? Their toy selection seriously lacks. So Kylie asked if we could look at arts and crafts. By this time I was starting to twitch, I needed to get out of there so bad, but I relented and said yes. I am so glad I did. Audrey found a kit of what I at first glance thought would be a complete and total waste of money. It included about a million pipe cleaners, wobbly eyes and fluffy pom-poms. She and Kylie told me they would pay for it themselves if I let them get it. So I did. When we got home they asked if they could play with it and I cringed knowing that soon I would hear fighting over the stupid thing, but I said yes. Oddly enough the house became quiet. Very quiet. So quiet in fact I had to go check on them and make sure they had not killed each other. They were sitting at the kitchen table having the best time gluing together all those pieces and *gasp* getting along! I could not believe it. For weeks now they have fought like cats and dogs and the entire time this was all they needed?!?! Wow. I might just survive the summer after all. Of course prying the googly eyes off the table (thanks Soph!) was kind of a pain, but totally worth it. 

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