Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting nervous

A few weeks ago something happened that struck my heart with fear. No nothing happened to the kids or husband, thank goodness. It happened during an innocent visit to the mailbox one bright, sunny afternoon. As I was sorting through the 839 catalogs and magazines I ran across an envelope with my name on it. Not just any envelope mind you, but one that had a five letter word on the front of it. Court. Yes, my friends I have been summoned for jury duty. Now before anyone starts to lecture me about how it is my civic duty, etc. don't worry I am not going to try to worm my way out of it. I've even served before. However the last time I served it was on a grand jury which is totally different in my book. When you serve on a grand jury you basically sit in a room all day and listen to witnesses and then decide if there is enough evidence to send a case to trial. This on the other hand is different because if I've read it correctly it is for federal court which means sitting in a court room listening to an actual case and deciding guilt or innocence. One would think that's what I'm nervous about right? Nope. I just don't want to be sitting in a court room in front of a bunch of people. Silly? Yes, I know it is, but that's all that I can think of. And I wonder where my two oldest kids get their shyness. Oh, and before you tell me there is a chance I might not get picked? Don't bother. I am an attorneys dream juror. I don't read the paper or watch the local news. I used to until Hurricane Katrina and then I had to stop because my anxiety level was going through the roof. So if my posts become even more jumbled and disjointed between now and the 28th (otherwise known as D-day) you'll know why.

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The Planet Pink said...

Ugh. I've never been called. I secretly (or not) always hoped I'd be called while I had a nursing babe in arms so I could be exempt. That time is quickly coming to an end though, so I'm not holding out hope... I hope it goes well for you!