Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Note to self

Because I'm getting to the point in my life where I need to remind myself of these things.
  • Never clean the kitchen with bleach when wearing a black shirt. Especially your new, most favorite in the world black shirt.
  • Layers are never a good idea. Also, if you find a good hairdresser stick with him/her.
  • Do not send husband to the store for more than two items at a time. Why? Because for every item you send him after he will call you at least twice to ask about said item. E.g- Hi honey, what size box of cheerios did you want me to buy? The big box? Okay talk to you later. Three seconds later.... Hi honey, me again. What is a good price on cheerios? Okay talk to you later. Two seconds later.... Hi honey, do you think I should go to Walmart for the cheerios or do you think they're cheaper at Target?
  •  Items only cook in the oven if you remember to turn it on first.
  • Wearing a v neck tee while riding your bike=epic fail. Unless you're the pervy old guy out walking your dog that gets to watch said bike rider, in that case you're golden.
  • If your child forgets to take something to school it is automatically your fault. Doesn't matter if you were never told that the child needed to bring the item. It is still your fault.
  • Walmart is never a good idea for someone with anxiety. Ever.
  • Never, ever complain about any kind of noun (person, place or thing) on facebook. No matter how small your friends list is someones cousins, brothers, dogs girlfriend is going to find out and be offended.
  • And last but not least when you are already really, really getting burned out with volunteering never, ever open your mouth and say, "Oh, just call me anytime." Because guess what? They will.

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The Planet Pink said...

Oh goodness! These are so funny. And TRUE!