Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The fastest two weeks ever

My children like most other school age children in the U.S returned to school today. Being the schedule oriented, neat freak I am I kind of thought I would be happy to see them off this morning. 
Prior to today I had fantasies of a nice clean house, no arguing, and no requests for chocolate milk every ten minutes.
I even entertained the notion of going shopping on my own and perhaps eating lunch somewhere that doesn't offer cheap toys with your meal. 

So can someone tell me why on earth I'm sitting here about to cry because I miss them so much!?! God, I'm a sap.

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Leslie said...

I'm sorry. I love that you miss them. So many have posted today about how relieved they are today ;) We started back today too...but that just means we moved up to the school room from the living room for part of the day ;) I'd miss these stinkers if they were gone all day. Clean your house for me...I'm off to get chocolate milk. lol.