Thursday, January 26, 2012

Star infatuation

About a year or so ago I bought the girls this little boy doll from the North American Bear company. They were all three delighted because up until this point they had never had a boy doll. They named him Jack. Cute, isn't he?

 Whenever they are playing dolls it never fails Jack is the mischievous one that everything gets blamed on.  
Which brings me to today's post. Last year when the song "On the Floor" by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull came out Sophie fell in love. She sang the song constantly and even told me that she couldn't wait to start kindergarten because she wanted to make friends with a boy so he could sing Pitbull's part of the song. Can you just imagine the eye rolling I'm doing here? I thought her 'love' would be short lived but as usual I was wrong. We were in Target once and she started yelling, "Mom, look it's Pitbull!" Naturally everyone started staring at us, but yet she insisted that he was in our Target and she would prove it to me by showing him to me. Oookkkaaayyy. So we walk around the corner and there he is. The man that was most definitely NOT Pitbull. She saw him and said, "There he...oh, wait that's not him." I then explained to her that not all bald, dark complected men were Pitbull which in turn got me an eye roll and a big 'duh'. Then a few weeks ago the girls were dancing and Sophie did a handstand while leaning against the bed and spun herself around. She was so proud of herself and said, "Look mom, this is so cool. When I grow up I'm gonna be in a Pitbull video." What can I say? The girls got big dreams. 
I haven't heard much talk about her fantasy boyfriend lately so I thought maybe she had moved on. Until last night. I was reading to the girls at bedtime when I noticed that Jack was in the doll crib smack in the middle of all the other dolls. I asked Sophie what the deal was and her response. "Oh, that's Jack-bull and all his girlfriends."

If this is what age six is like I am really scared to see what the teenage years are going to be like.


The Planet Pink said...

"Jack bull" Hahaha!

Leslie said...

Hilarious! It will be fun to look back at this post in a few years and remind her of this obsession ;o)

greygillfish said...

LMAO! The headspin cracked me up! Sounds like you have a gangsta rapper in da house! LOL! This is hysterical!

Lee-Ann said...

OMG, I love it! That is hilarious! You better get that girl a nice place set in the basement to keep those boys away!