Monday, January 9, 2012

Turning ten

This weekend marked a huge milestone in our home.
Kylie turned ten. 
Her actual birthday was on Saturday and she requested that I take her to her favorite restaurant. I told the waiter that it was her birthday so he and the other wait staff brought out a dessert for her and sang. And then much to her shock put a spoonful of whipped cream on her face. The look on her face was priceless.
Afterward we went and shopped a little (I might or might not have bought myself a little sumthin-sumthin). Since my husband works Saturdays we waited until Sunday to do the whole cake/ice cream/presents thing.
 Kylie has the little stuffed dog Coconut from American girl and she just adores it so naturally that was what she wanted on her cake.
Cake made by granny
Since she didn't ask for anything for her birthday I was a little stumped on what to get her. Judging by the look on her face I think I might have done okay.
Afterwards we spent the rest of the afternoon playing with new toys and then went bike riding through the neighborhood. 
I think year ten is going to be a great one.


Leslie said...

LOVE her reaction to the gift :0) Happy Birthday and welcome to the double digit club!!

greygillfish said...

Happy Birthday big girl! TEN, wow! January birthdays are so hard! I can't ever think of anything to get GiGi for her birthday.

Did you happen to buy yourself a new purse? hhmmm.

Lana said...

Why yes Becky, I did just so happen to pick up a new purse. I felt kind of bad because I had just ordered a Kate Spade (because I need a crossbody for when I'm downtown of course) the day before and when I got home there was a box with another purse in it waiting on me. Three purses in one week is pushing it even for me.I'm just glad my husband was at work or he would still be teasing me.