Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sometimes homemade really is best

Every year at Christmas my mom tends to go overboard on the gift buying. I mean really overboard. For years I've been telling her to scale back and she just ignores me. Usually when we leave my parents house my kids come away with more gifts than they had under the tree at home. Well now that she and my dad are retired and money is tight she finally listened to me (parents can be so hard headed can't they?). 
Unlike me my mom tends to have a little bit of talent when it comes to making things so I asked her if instead of buying the kids a bunch of stuff if she would make them some things. She never really gave me an answer so I thought that once again she was ignoring me. She proved me wrong. Not only did she make the kids things for Christmas, but she also made some things for Sophie and Kylie's birthdays. Since I always share my diy/crafting disasters I thought I would share some of my moms success'. 
For Sophie's birthday she made a doll crib. I'm not positive, but I think she got the plans from Ana White. This thing is really heavy and solid so I don't have to worry about the kids overloading it and it breaking.
  For Christmas she made the girls a ton of doll clothes and this little rack to hang them on.
 The little containers on the bottom are from Targets dollar spot and hold shoes, socks, etc. On the ends are hooks for doll back packs, purses, hats, etc. The rack currently has two boxes (24ct.) of hangers from American girl and some from pottery barn kids and could probably hold a few more. She also made a doll bed and bedding. The bedding plans are from Ana White and the bedding she made from a duvet cover from Bombay kids that I bought to make stuff for Kylie's room (but obviously never did).

 Now that I'm looking at the picture it's driving me crazy that the bedding is so crooked. Ugh. She also made Kylie a bolster for her bed with the left over fabric. 
 Audrey's birthday is coming up in March and I'm already thinking up a wish list to give her!


greygillfish said...

OH MY GOSH, can I borrow your Mom??? WOW! Those are all so cute! She should start a business! Seriously...I am so jealous....so cute!

The Planet Pink said...

Seriously! I'm in line for your mom next!! What talent! Wow, all of that is WAY better than any store bought gift. How lucky your girls are!

Leslie said...

She should never buy them gifts again. These are AMAZING! Wow - way to go, talented mom!!!

Stephanie said...

seriously! So much cuteness! I can't wait to see what she gifts next!!


Lee-Ann said...

Wow, that is amazing! She should start selling that stuff! I love the clothes hanger!