Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Charlie and Lola take two

When Kylie was about four years old she discovered the show Charlie and Lola based on the books written by Lauren Child.
An obsession soon began. After scouring the internet I was finally able to come across a few of the Charlie and Lola books, but as far as merchandise? Zilch. Naturally when her fifth birthday rolled around she told me that she wanted the theme to be..... you guessed it, Charlie and Lola. My children have always been really good about not asking for a lot so on the occasions when they do ask for something I will usually do whatever I can to get it for them. In this particular case I had to order party supplies from the U.K. The funny thing is that at the party none of the kids that came even knew who Charlie and Lola were. It didn't bother Kylie though, she knew and that was all that mattered.
Fast forward a few years and the Charlie and Lola phase kind of died out in our house. Don't get me wrong she still loves the show, but the obsession with it is no longer there. At least not for her. You see I bought the girls all of the Charlie and Lola dvds when they came out, but over the years they became very scratched up so they kind of quit watching them. Then one day I was browsing Amazon and saw that they had the box set on sale. I ordered it and now the obsession has been revived. In Sophie. For the past few months she has been watching the dvds everyday. Not only is she watching the dvds she has me read the books to her. Everyday. And she tries her absolute best to speak like Lola and now she is wanting to dress like her. I was browsing the Next website recently and she saw a dress that she insisted I buy her because it was "just like Lola's!" Being the pushover I am I ordered it for her and now of course she wants to wear it everyday. I can't really complain too much though because there are far more annoying things she could be obsessed with. I did however have to draw the line recently when she told me that she needed to have blond hair like Lola's. 

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greygillfish said...

Where is the picture of her in the dress? :)