Monday, April 11, 2011

Strawberries, sun and a surprise visitor

Yesterday my husband and I took a little trip across the bay with the girls to attend a strawberry festival. The funny thing? The only strawberry we actually saw was one of those 'strawberry go round' rides. No matter we had a great time anyway.
The girls rode the mini roller coaster several times and then we took them to the park to play. By the way, while some of you are enjoying the cool spring like weather we've decided to skip ahead to summer. It was 91 degrees here!

 When we came home we were sitting on the back patio enjoying a much need bowl of ice cream (my butt disagrees with that statement btw) when this guy decided to join us.
Billy Bob Jr. or Turtley checking out the kids sidewalk chalk
 He walked all the way across our backyard stopping to look at the kids toys. Audrey decided that he looked like a Billy Bob Jr. (no idea where she came up with that!) and Sophie argued that no, his name was in fact Turtley. The funny thing was after he walked all over the yard he came up on the patio to check us out! It was so funny because he walked over to each of us before walking away. Well, almost all of us. Someone got a little freaked out and went inside.
 Have a great week everyone!

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greygillfish said...

My kids would be so excited if Billy Bob Jr. came to visit at our house. :)