Thursday, April 14, 2011

To fake or not to fake........

As I mentioned in my last post earlier this week I decided to do some spring cleaning. One of the things I decided to organize and put away was the girls keepsake books and other baby memorabilia. It had been sitting in the top of the closet gathering dust and taking up valuable space. I gathered all of it up and brought it into my room to put away in one central location. I wanted to go through everything and make sure that I did not have any of the girls things mixed in the wrong box, etc. and I'm kind of glad, but at the same time upset that I did. You see I found out while doing this that I was missing something and now I'm kind of upset over it.
Every year on each of my daughters birthdays I sit down and write them a letter. I've done this since Kylie's birthday and plan to do so for many years to come. In the letter I basically wish them a happy birthday, talk about how much they've changed over the past year and mention different things they like to do at that point in time. The girls have never actually read any of the letters, I've just set them aside in a box and plan to give them to them one day when they are adults. While going through the letters I realized that I'm missing one. It's the letter I wrote Sophie on her second birthday. I have searched and searched and it is nowhere to be found (yes, I know that I did in fact write her one). I have been so upset all week just thinking about the letter and I don't really know what to do. I figure that I have two options. One I can just not include that letter. That probably makes the most sense, but I hate the thought of her not having a full set especially when her sisters will have theirs. Two I can fake it. I can write one now and slip it in there and hope she is none the wiser. The problem with option two is that she is five now so her second year isn't exactly fresh in my mind. Now had this been Kylie or Audrey it wouldn't be a problem to go with option two because they actually have a baby book and a fairly detailed scrapbook. Sadly, Sophie being the youngest does not. I know I'm horrible. So I guess I'm writing this looking for some advice. If this were your child what would you do? Option one just do nothing or option two fake it?

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greygillfish said...

fake it...I am sure if you rack your brain and look through old pictures, you can totally remember enough to include in a new letter. Good Luck!