Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall? Is that you?

Did you hear that loud noise this morning? That was me whooping with joy. When I went to take the kids to the bus stop this morning it was in the seventies. Seventies people! I think we might actually get a taste of fall. I know some of you are already wearing jackets, but we've been in sundresses, sandals and tank tops here forever now. I finally broke down last night and started pulling all the sleeveless things from the girls closets since October will be here this week (eek! How did that happen?!?). And yes, I fully realize that it will probably be in the eighties by this afternoon, but for now I'm happy.
Saturday I took the girls to Michaels for some arts and crafts. I've been hearing for ages now that they offer workshops for the kids on Saturdays, but just haven't really given it much thought. In other words I've been too lazy to haul myself out of bed and schlep them around town when I don't have to. A friend gave me the heads up that this Saturday they were doing an American Girl craft so I knew we needed to try to go. I'm so glad we did. The girls had a fantastic time.

 By the way, that my friend would be a cake for an American Girl doll. They also made party hats and banners so you guessed it. We've been having doll partys this weekend.

Other than that we pretty much stayed home and did nothing this weekend. It was glorious! I love having things to do, but sometimes it's really nice to just stay home and not have to go anywhere and do anything.


Leslie said...

It was jeans weather here in OK today too - loved it! I'll have to check out the Micheals deal with my kids. Have you done the Home Depot Kid Workshops? Mine love those...when I remember them ;)

Lana said...

I haven't tried the home depot workshops yet, but I really want to. My kids hate going to home depot and lowes lol, but I was telling them about the workshops they have for kids and they really seemed interested.

greygillfish said...

I didn't know about the Micheals workshops. Looks like they had a great time.