Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ah, that Sophie

When I first began my blog I did so mostly so I could have a place to vent about how insane life was. I had a one year old, three year old and five year old and a husband that was rarely around to help out. Kylie and Audrey were pretty easygoing, but Sophie? Ah, she was a completely different story.
You know you love me mom.

At home she was just an angel, but nine times out of ten if I tried to go out in public with her it would result in tears. I remember calling my husband at work many times and asking him to please bring home some milk so I wouldn't have to take our precious darling to the store. Yes, it really was that bad. There is one shopping trip that particularly stands out in my mind. We were in Target and I was trying to hurry up as quickly as possible and get my groceries and get home. Sophie was screaming so much that an old lady followed us all over the store. I can only assume that she was waiting to see if I would lose it completely and beat the child so she could whip out her phone and call child services on me. She was shopping with a friend of hers and the friend came along and yelled at us to get out of her way. I turned around in tears and practically ran to the register. It was truly horrible. And the bad thing? I ended up forgetting half of the things I had gone after in the first place. 
I want to go outside now!
Luckily since then things have gotten much, much better. My husband is still rarely around to help out with the girls, but they have gotten older so taking them places is generally pretty easy. Or so I thought. Yesterday I had to make a return to gap. So Sophie and I set off on our merry way and had a really great time at the mall. We went into several stores and shopped and she was fantastic. Then as we were leaving I asked her if she wanted to stop by the consignment sale. I didn't need anything, I was just curious if some of the things I had put in the sale had sold or not. She told me that she wanted to go and off we went. Things went well until she saw this thing:

 She was convinced it was going to be hers. I was convinced I was not spending $40 on a toy for her. Tears ensued. I finally wrangled her into her carseat and drove all the way home with her kicking and screaming. I'm pretty sure my husband felt a sense of deja vu when he received a phone call at work yesterday with me crying about his spawn precious child and blubbering on about needing a drink. 
Who me? I would never throw a tantrum.
 I'm hoping that yesterday was just a weird fluke type thing because I truly think I'm getting too old for this kind of thing. But just in case we will be staying home today.

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Leslie said...

Oh girl, I'm so sorry...but it's nice to hear that other kids have bad days too! Tomorrow will be better...surely ;)